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If you are like me, you know that improving your swing is important.  You also probably know that using some kind of mental golf training program will lower your score too.

Sure, you could take some expensive mental golf training program in Florida, but who has the time for that?

Here’s a recent news article about the importance of improving your mental game.

Mental Strength In Sports Training

low cost mental golf program

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Of all the skills that athletes and sportsmen possess, the most underappreciated ability is a sportsman’s mental acuity. While sports and games of all type require a great amount of physical ability, what separates a good player from a great player is how they analyze the game on the field. Let’s take a deeper look at this concept.

Some games, such as golf or poker, require a high level of mental strength. In golf, it is often said that a major portion of the sport is mental over physical ability. A golfer that is able to focus on his game and block out all distractions and focus on the current shot is much more apt to be successful than the standard golfer. Tiger Woods is a prime example used by many when talking about psychology in golf. Many feel that Tiger’s off the course problems have been haunting him to the point where one never knows what type of game Tiger will exhibit on the golf course.


Is Tiger Woods’ Mental Game Shot?

That is what Ryan Rudnanski of the Bleacher report thinks.  In fact, in this article, he says Tiger will never win another major, because his mental game is holding him back.

After Tiger Woods’ victory at the Arnold Palmer Invitational this year, he was supposed to be getting back on track, leaving his baggage behind him.

But Woods’ head was not right in the second round of the Masters on Friday, and it showed. After scoring an even par in the first round, Woods shot a three-over-par on Friday, complete with five bogeys and one punted golf club on the 16th.

Woods had a right to be frustrated. He started off well in the second round, with two birdies in his first three holes then he went downhill from there…and into some bunkers. He completely fell apart, hitting numerous balls off the course, including one that flew into the crowd. He reminded us that we will never see the dominant Tiger we once did.

Will Woods win another major? I don’t think so. We hold on to every positive sign from Tiger, like the victory at Bay Hill this year, instead of paying attention to his overall game, which is inconsistent. I was one of the believers after his victory at Bay Hill, thinking that perhaps a better state of mind would catapult him at Augusta, but it’s become more and more apparent that since Tiger’s mental game fell apart a couple years ago, it never has truly come back.

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Low Cost Mental Golf Program

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