The Masters Revisited with Mental Golf: Tiger Woods

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The Masters Revisited with Mental Golf: Tiger Woods

The Masters revisited with mental golf: Tiger Woods… I predicted Woods would win at Augusta. He was on a high before the tourny saying things like that the best way to work the greens would be to ” hit it really close all the time.” Didn’t he also say that he was “driving the ball much better than I have” and that he’s had “some heat behind” his shots? What happened to the Woods we saw at Bay Hill?

Instead, we saw a furious Tiger kick his club around 15 yards after a few poor shots. As he put it: “It’s certainly frustrating at times not to hit the ball where you need to hit it.” Nick Faldo mentioned that Woods had  “lost his game … and lost his mind.” What a mess! Gary Van Sickle, writer for Sports Illustrated, laments how Woods couldn’t seem to keep it going. He went from confidence to… well very far from there…

In case that’s not clear, let me try again. I was pretty sure Tiger was back after that closing 62 in the Honda Classic and a dominating victory at Bay Hill. He was so convincing. But after four dismal Masters rounds in which he never broke par and managed just three birdies all week on the back nine , none of them on a par 5 (somebody alert Mr. Ripley!), now I’m pretty sure Tiger isn’t back. Not at all. Maybe not even close. In short: What the hell is going on, Tiger? Let us count the ways that Tiger went wrong. Or perhaps the excuses.

Thursday’s 72: “Old patterns… some of my stuff from a few years ago. The Hank backswing was the new downswing.” Friday’s 75: “Well, I know what to do, it’s just a matter of doing. That’s the frustrating part… I’ve got to stay patient and keep doing the reps.” Saturday’s 72: “I was so close to putting it together today. I’m telling you, it was so close to being a really good round. I’m so close to turning it around.” Sunday’s 74: “You’re not going to play well every week. I had the wrong ballstriking week at the wrong time… Thank God my short game was good this week and my putting was really good. Unfortunately, they were all for pars, not birdies.  I played the par 5s atrociously. You have to dominate the par-5s, and I did not do that at all… I can get it dialed in on the range and it feels really good. I go to the course and I just don’t quite trust it at all. It means I need more reps.”

What did you expect when I said this would be “the Masters revisited with mental golf: Tiger Woods“? Woods was riding high on his victory from Bay Hill – but that confidence alone wasn’t enough to pull him through to the end. It looks like Woods needed something more than that. Mental Golf 101 teaches how to cancel out bad shots and stay focused and positive. Looks like Woods needs more emphasis on his mental golf game…

Woods’ mistake doesn’t need to be yours! Make sure you’re not just working on your swing, but that you’re also incorporating your mental game. Start today by clicking here:

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