The Masters Revisited with Mental Golf: Bubba Watson

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The Masters Revisited with Mental Golf: Bubba Watson

The Masters revisited with mental golf: Bubba Watson… His win at Augusta marked the 4th of his career and it was his 1st major. There’s a lot to say about Watson’s playing, but I want to focus on that one shot… It was sudden death at the second playoff hole and Watson had a hook – deep in the trees. How did he get the confidence to come out of that? Watson tells us that “The first time I ever worked with my caddie, in Boston, six years ago, I told him, ‘If I have a swing, I’ve got a shot.” And that very same caddie, Ted Scott, mentioned that to Watson as they headed to take the shot. The rest is history.

The great Jack Nicklaus himself was astounded by that shot…

Bubba Watson’s hooked wedge shot from the trees right of the 10th fairway in a playoff at this year’s Masters ranks with the greatest shots of all time, Nicklaus said. In trouble off the tee, Watson had to hit an incredible shot to just stay alive in his two-man showdown with Louis Oosthuizen. Watson’s dramatic shot landed on the green and spun within range of an easy two-putt par that gave him his first major championship. Nicklaus said it was hard to even imagine the difficulty of the wedge shot. “I’d never been where he was,” he cracked. But it was the creativity that Watson showed that made it so memorable.

“When you’re playing a hook it usually takes off,” Nicklaus said. “But that ball danced like it had a lot of backspin on it. I saw that ball hit the green and I said, `Wow.’ That was something. Not only did he play the shot, but he played the shot and ended up with control at the end of the shot – which I thought was the amazing part. That will go down as one of the great shots ever played in the game.”

Now, this article is called: “The Masters revisited with mental golf: Bubba Watson.” So what does mental golf have to say about this? It’s why I mentioned that line: “If I have a swing, I’ve got a shot.” That was an injection of positive thinking and confidence right when he needed it most. That one line was the opportunity to forget The Masters, forget the last bad shot, and just focus on nailing this one.

Do you have something like that? When playing golf, it’s crucial to have something to break your negative pattern. For some,  it may be thinking of a joke. For others, the thought of a loved one. If it doubles as a confidence booster – perfect. Find out other simple to learn and easy to apply tips that you can start using right away with Golfersmind:

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