The Masters Revisited with Mental Golf: The Saddest Golfer

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The Masters Revisited with Mental Golf The Saddest Golfer

The Masters revisited with mental golf: the saddest golfer… Sergio Garcia made me feel so bad for him. After his 3rd round he told reporters:

“That’s the reality. I’m not good enough and today I know it. I’ve been trying for 13 years and I don’t feel capable of winning. I don’t know what happened to me. Maybe it’s something psychological. … After 13 years, my chances are over. I’m not good enough for the majors. That’s it.”

“Everything I say, I say it because I feel it. If I didn’t mean it, I couldn’t stand here and lie like a lot of the guys do. If I felt like I could win, I would do it. Unfortunately at the moment, unless I get really lucky in one of the weeks, I can’t really play much better than I played this week. And I’m going to finish 13th or 15th. What does that show you?”

Now this is coming from the same pro who’s got 10 wins on the European tour and 7 on the PGA tour. And did you see his standings at some of the majors he’s played in? He’s not that far off from winning… But at the same time, I see where he’s coming from: 0-for-54 for wins in the majors. That’s a hard number.

The Masters revisited with mental golf: the saddest golfer… But what can you take away from Garcia’s sad story? Well, if Garcia was thinking that he’s not good enough and how he’s not going to win during the tournament – then it’s no surprise he lost. His confidence was shot and he was distracted by his frustration. Perhaps if he was able to stay optimistic and get a hold of his thoughts, he wouldn’t have has the results that he did.

Let Garcia’s sad story be a lesson: stay positive. If you want to give yourself the best chance that you’ve got to play your best, you’ve got to think that can do it. If you think that you’re going to come out at the bottom – guess where you’re going to find yourself… Start playing with confidence today! Check out Golfersmind:


  1. Yes that could make a difference alhugtoh if memory serves me I remember an experiment the PGA undertook way back in the 40 s where they made the hole as large as a bucket.Interestingly the golf scores weren’t a great deal different alhugtoh there were a lot more 3 putt’s!I take you point though, we need to get more people playing and enjoying this difficult game a little more and by changing the size of the hole we might have a chance. Thanks for your comments.

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