Eliminate Tension with Mental Golf

Tension Mental Golf

Eliminate Tension with Mental Golf

How can you eliminate tension with mental golf? Well, I remembered reading something a few years ago about how stress in America was on the rise. I did a search and found it. Back in 2009, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention in Atlanta, Georgia released some research about stress and emotional problems. Dr. Matthew Zack, lead researcher, revealed that the number of people who have frequent mental distress seems to be growing. In fact, in some areas like Mississippi, Oklahoma, and West Virginia, their research revealed a drastic increase in mental distress.

Jennifer Thomas, writer for the HealthDay Reporter, has more details on the growing stress problem:

Life in America is getting more stressful, especially if you live in the Appalachian or Mississippi Valley regions. Almost 10 percent of some 1.2 million people surveyed annually by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention from 2003 to 2006 reported having frequent mental distress, defined as 14 or more days a month of feeling depressed, stressed or having emotional problems. That was up 1 percentage point from the CDC surveys conducted from 1993 to 2001. The findings appear in the June issue of the American Journal of Preventive Medicine.

But some states seem to be faring decidedly worse than others. West Virginia had the highest percentage of residents, 14.9 percent, who reported frequent mental distress in the 2003-2006 survey. Kentucky had 14.4 percent. In Mississippi, Oklahoma and West Virginia, incidence of frequent mental distress rose by 4 percentage points between the first and second surveys. Other states with higher than average rates included Alabama, Arkansas and Indiana. Given the current state of the economy, the 2008 statistics, which are not yet compiled, will probably show ever worsening levels of mental distress, said lead investigator Dr. Matthew Zack, a medical epidemiologist with the CDC.

And I’m sure you can imagine what all this added stress and distress means for the serious golfer… It means that breaking par is going to get a whole lot more challenging! And, hey… It’s already hard enough to avoid tension and frustration out on the course! I mean, sometimes when you’re headed out for a game – to relax and let off steam – you wind up adding fuel to the fire and come away even more stressed then before.What does it take to just get out there and feel great about driving balls long and straight!?

Face it: it’s tough. When tension shows up, your muscles tighten and you wind up slicing (or even missing) the ball! You see, the source of many poor shots is tension. From small problems like wrist shifting, to much larger ones (like not being able to focus on where you want the ball to go) – it all relates back to tension. But that means: if we eliminate tension, we eliminate poor shots. In other words: eliminate tension with mental golf

Now if you spend all of your time with coaches analyzing your swing, but you do not analyze what is in your mind, you are probably not going to improve your game all that much. You’ll always have that same tension! And that’s where your mental game comes in. If you improve your mental game, your tension will fall away, and then there will be nothing to stop you from playing your best golf all the time! Start working on your mental game and get rid of the tension already and check out Golfersmind! But first take the new Golf Test: http://www.golfersmind.com/the-golf-test/


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