Annika Sorenstam’s Mental Golf Lesson

Sorenstam Mental Golf

Annika Sorenstam's Mental Golf Lesson

I was reminiscing about LPGA Tour legend Annika Sorenstam. Why do I say “legend”? With 89 total career wins (including 72 LPGA wins and 10 Major wins), I feel like she can be called a legend. Okay, but do you remember her last tournament? I want to call your attention to her very last round of golf…her very last shot… It’s there that you’ll learn Annika Sorenstam’s mental golf lesson.

Now the day before her last shot, she finished with a 75 – which pretty much destroyed her chances of winning the title.  The next day, feeling a little nervous, she stepped out onto the course for her last round of professional golf. And when she stepped up for her last shot?  It was an eight-foot birdie – one that was well deserving of the standing ovation that followed. I dug up an article from, that takes us back to that day:

It ended with a birdie, a standing ovation and a seventh-place finish for Annika Sorenstam, leaving the Hall of Fame golfer with no regrets after the final stroke of her career. The Swede shot a 1-under 71 Sunday at the Dubai Ladies Masters, finishing six shots behind winner Anja Monke after an eight-foot birdie at No. 18 drew a standing ovation from the packed gallery. Sorenstam raised her putter to acknowledge the crowd and then hugged caddie Terry McNamara.

“I felt at peace. I really felt very content,” she said. “I walked up to hit my third shot on the 18th, and I felt the breeze coming in, and it was just a really comfortable feeling. I saw some players standing behind the 18th green, that gave me a tear. I saw my parents and my family and that give me a tear.” Sorenstam, who is retiring to focus on family and business interests, led the tournament after the second round, but shot a 75 on Saturday to torpedoe her hopes for a third straight title at the season-ending tournament on the Ladies European Tour.

Now, you can probably imagine that she might’ve had a lot on her mind during that lost shot… The pressure of knowing that it was her LAST SHOT was probably the most daunting. Yet she gracefully sunk that putt. How did she stay so focused? Annika played great golf even while playing her last round as a pro because she learned how to set her game on autopilot. Annika described her own playing that day as “automatic”. That’s Annika Sorenstam’s mental golf lesson.

Now that may be easy for a pro to say… But how can WE make it so that when we golf, we’re playing our best game – automatically? You have to master your mental game. Like she did. How? Check out Golfersmind to start applying easy to learn mental tips that will turn your game around! See it for yourself right here:


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