Effective Practicing with Mental Golf

Effective Practicing

Effective Practicing with Mental Golf

Effective practicing with mental golf. How do you practice? Some people head over to the range and smack one ball right after the other. They’re not really thinking about much else other than knocking their ball into oblivion. Perhaps you’ve seen golfers like this that go out to the range and furiously pound away at one ball after the next. Other golfers only focus on mechanics. Who’s right? Honestly, both of these approaches are wrong. You have to make sure that you’re practicing effectively. Neither of these are doing that.

Andrea Furst, writer for LadiesEuropean Tour.com, appeals to golfers to assess the way they practice. She says that whatever you put into your game is what you get. If you only work on mechanics, you lose out when tension builds during a game. If you just smack one ball after the other, you’re not going to be able to utilize other necessary skills when you don’t need to launch the ball. Here’s a quote form here article:

The range is a great tool for teaching technique and tuning swing mechanics, however it does not prepare you for the game unless you are creating a game-like environment as part of your practice routine on the range.  Practice on the range must therefore incorporate both mental and tactical skills.  If you are a player that dedicates the vast majority of their ‘practice’ time to focusing on your technique, it is likely that you will default to thinking about technique when you play golf.  If you are a player that dedicates the vast majority of your ‘practice’ to mindlessly hitting balls, it is likely that the brain will be overwhelmed when faced with the variety of additional factors involved in playing the game.

Effective practice not only prepares your entire game but provides real data to say that you can do what is required in the game of golf, so that when you are faced with the same or similar circumstances you can draw upon your effective practice to build real confidence in your skills.

Now, this article is entitled effective practicing with mental golf because part of priming yourself to play your best is to address the mental part of your game. How do you do that? You have to work on confidence, focus, easing tension, distractions, breathing, etc. You know that when you play, lots of factors other than mechanics are taken into account. Are you practicing effectively?

Although it may sound like an overwhelming task, it’s not at all. In fact, I’ve put together a program that will help prepare your mind. You can listen to the whole thing in just under two hours! Check it out today and see that working on the mental side of golf is easy, effective, and enjoyable. Just click here to see more about Golfersmind: http://www.golfersmind.com/mental-golf/

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