Inconsistent Golf Comes from Ignoring Your Mental Golf Game

Inconsistent Golf Woods

Inconsistent Golf Comes from Ignoring Your Mental Golf Game

Inconsistent golf comes from ignoring your mental golf game! Let me explain by focusing on Tiger Woods… What’s next for Woods? It’s hard to tell. About a week ago, he brought in a win at the AT&T National (and simultaneously earned his 74th PGA Tour win, which surpassed Nicklaus’s number of PGA Tour wins). But then Woods’ recent cut (on Friday) from the Greenbrier Classic seems not to fit in. So is Woods playing well or not? On the one hand, he’s currently the only player with three victories this season. But on the other hand, he missed a cut. (Woods himself commented, “It happens. You miss cuts out here. I’ve been doing it for a long time. I think I’ve missed nine.”)

Missed cuts don’t really “happen” for Woods, as Gary Van Sickle, writer for Sports Illustrated, puts it:

Fact: Missed cuts are so rare for Woods that it’s been seven years since he last missed two in one PGA Tour season. The last time it happened was in 2005, when he didn’t play on the weekend at either the EDS Byron Nelson Classic or the Funai Classic at Walt Disney World Resort.

I’m not the only one who’s picked up on Woods’ inconsistent playing. Alan Shipnuck, who’s also a writer for Sports Illustrated, commented:

[…] And Tiger is turning into a mini-Phil with his inconsistency — great one week, shaky the next. I guess that means he’s due for a good performance at the Open.

Okay. So Woods is inconsistent. How can he turn that around? The same way anyone can turn their inconsistent golf game into consistently good golf… By focusing on their mental game. That’s why I mentioned that inconsistent golf comes from ignoring your mental golf game!

You see, we all have had good days and bad days out there. One day the ball goes right where you want it. The next day, you can’t seem to control the ball whatsoever. What changed? Not much. Same golf club. Same course. Same you… The only thing different is your mind. You’re not playing in the zone like you were the other day. You have to somehow tap into your best playing and stay there. You can! And Golfersmind shows you how to do that. Learn all the mental strategies you need to set your best game on autopilot. Check it out right here:


  1. Of course! Tiger is playing not his best golf. If anything, he is an example of life as it really is. He had his best years before his children came of age. Before he lost his father. before the divorce trouble. He has grown. Life has left a bit of scar tissue as it does. His priorities are different now. He has foundations to care for and a mountain of business decisions to make every day. Although his concentration escapes him from time to time, he is lunging at the ball on some shots and dropping his head whenever he pulls a shot, he is still my guy. Even if, like Bill Gates, he makes a lateral move, It’s OK. As long as he keeps it straight, ( in his head), he’ll be fine.

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