Luke Donald’s Mental Golf Game Prevents Him from Winning a Major

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Luke Donald's Mental Golf Game Prevents Him from Winning a Major

With the 2012 Open Championship coming up in just a few days, some are wondering if it’ll be another loss for the world’s number one player. Luke Donald is set to play at Royal Lytham & St Annes Golf Club (in Lytham St Annes, Lancashire, England). But how will he perform? As strange as it sounds, the same Donald who has spent around 150 weeks in the top-10 limelight and has accrued a number of impressive awards – has yet to win a major. How is that?! Well, Luke Donald’s mental golf game prevents him from winning a major.

Okay, so how did I come onto that information? Well Alasdair Reid, writer for the Telegraph, wrote about this exact issue. In fact, he even quoted what Donald himself felt was the reason behind this “majors” slump. Check it out:

“I’ve realised it for a while,” Donald said. “I’ve understood that for probably a couple of years. I know it’s a difference in myself. I get a little bit more agitated, a little bit more anxious.” […]

“That would prove to me that it’s not just a physical problem. It’s more about getting into that moment of not trying to press too hard, not trying to force the issue. It’s just about being a little more relaxed and letting it happen.” […]

“I’ve been successful in a variety of places. It just comes down to being mentally in the right position, feeling physically good about your game and having confidence in what you’re doing.”

He knows it’s not a problem with his mechanics. So what is his problem? When he plays in a major he gets anxious. He forces and presses hard. He doesn’t feel good about his game. And he lacks confidence. The same Donald who seems like nothing can stop him, gets under mental pressure when the win really counts. He knows that the only way for him to overcome this is to work on his mental game. So you see that Luke Donald’s mental golf game prevents him from winning a major.

Now, if the world’s best golfer knows that he needs to work on his mental game, what does that tell you? It means that if your average golfer is not applying themselves mentally, they’re game is not going to get so far. Every golfer has to have a balance of both the physical and the mental in order to come out ahead. What are you doing for YOUR mental game? Check out Golfersmind today and see just how easy it is to get started:

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