The Importance of the Mental Golf Game

Importance of Mental Golf

The Importance of the Mental Golf Game

I just watched a fantastic video put out by about the importance of the mental golf game. In the video, they stress that pressure, distraction, and confidence all play a crucial role in how you play golf. In fact, pro golfer Steve Marino mentioned that 95% of the game is mental. Dr. Leif Smith, sports psychologist for Ohio State University, singled out the mental game as being that which distinguishes between good players and great players.

What advice did they have to offer? They seemed to emphasize only two things. The first was the need to be consistent. Tiger Woods has a few lines there about developing a routine in order to be able to have your best game available when you need it. The second thing was the ability to cope with loss. They talked about Kyle Stanley’s comeback (this past February) as an example of the need to move past negativity. Remember that? Here’s a quick reminder (from a previous blog post):

Okay, so Kyle Stanley recently won the Waste Management Open this past Sunday. And it was Stanley’s first win on the PGA Tour. That’s big. But you know what I think is the most impressive feat that Stanley pulled off? That he came out ahead only days after suffering a bad defeat at the Farmers Insurance Open. Need I remind you of his five-shot lead heading into Sunday at Torrey Pines? He couldn’t hold onto it…

And its days later that he came from seven shots back to win his first tournament on the tour. That’s impressive! How did he do it? In one sentence: Kyle Stanley uses mental golf to make a comeback.

What else did they talk about? They referred to Tiger Woods as being someone who could will shots to happen due to his iron-clad mental game. Wow! That’s the power of the mind. They also mention that mentally is where champions are made. This all shows the importance of the mental golf game.

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