Focus and Confidence are Integral to Your Mental Golf Game

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Focus and Confidence are Integral to Your Mental Golf Game

Focus and confidence are integral to your mental golf game… Some of the most important aspects of one’s mental golf game are confidence and focus. Each of these aspects plays a critical role, not just in terms of the mental game, but consequently in terms of one’s overall golf performance. Now I know that I often emphasize their importance in terms of one’s mental golf game. But I don’t know when I last wrote about how their neglect can undo even the greatest of player’s overall golf performance.

I came across an article on the Beachwood Golf Club‘s website where I felt that the author demonstrated this idea very nicely. (The Beachwood Golf Club is located in North Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.) Check it out:

First of all, in order to successfully play the game of golf, a golfer must have positive thoughts and confidence about their […] golf game and golf swing. If a player does not have confidence in himself, chances are very high that they will not hit a good shot and subsequently they will not have a very good golf game.

Many factors can contribute to a low confidence level, including the equipment they play with, injuries and irregularities of the player’s body, and not being on the Myrtle Beach golf course for a long time. A low confidence level is something that can plague even the best golfers, and many of those golfers cannot play to their highest ability with a low confidence level.

Another very important aspect of a player’s golf game is their focus. A player’s focus is very important to keeping a consistent golf swing, and subsequently a consistent golf game. If a player loses focus during his swing, the swing will not perform the way the player would want it to.

A player’s focus can be shattered by even the smallest of sounds. Things that often break a golfer’s focus are passing cars, bugs flying around, and motions and noises made by other golfers; however, any movement or noise could potentially break a golfer’s focus on a North Myrtle Beach golf course.

Regarding confidence, the author mentioned three factors that can that can contribute towards one’s confidence: equipment, one’s body, and not playing for a while. As strange as it might sound, if you have the best equipment but you’re not feeling good about it, chances are you won’t play well. You’ve got to have equipment that you feel good about. And if you’re feeling down about a sports injury or about the way your body jerks, you’ve got to address that. If you don’t, then in addition to playing with those “irregularities”, you’ll be playing with low confidence as well. And if you haven’t been out there in a while, you may feel rusty. That feeling alone can bring down your overall game! So not only are focus and confidence are integral to your mental golf game, they directly impact your overall performance.

The reason that I’m stressing how focus and confidence impact your overall golf game, is because I feel that sometimes people downplay the importance of the mental game. They may say that although the mental game is something of interest, they can still play their best without it. I’m specifically addressing those people. If you don’t incorporate aspects of the mental game (like focus and confidence) into your game, you are preventing yourself from playing your best! Need easy to understand and easy to apply help with your own focus and confidence? Just head over to Golfersmind and learn it all in just under 2 hours:

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