Mental Golf Can Ease Concerns for Pros at the Open Championship

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Mental Golf Can Ease Concerns for Pros at the Open Championship

Mental golf can ease concerns for pros at the Open Championship. What concerns am I talking about? Let me tell you. You see, the first Open Championship was played in October of 1860 (at the Prestwick Golf Club in Scotland). And over 150 years later, the 2012 Open Championship will commence on Thursday. Golf pros from all over are sizing up the course at Royal Lytham & St Annes Golf Club (in Lytham St Annes, Lancashire, England). And each golfer has their own foreboding concern. For Bubba Watson, his mind is on the bunkers. All 205 of them. As he puts it: “Not that I counted, but there’s 17 on #18, and there’s 9 on #1. I don’t understand why there’s that many, but they didn’t ask me to design it.”

For Tiger Woods, he’s focused on the very first hole, a par-3. Woods mentioned that: “It is different, there’s no doubt, because we have to be precise out of the gate and hit the ball a specific number. Normally it’s an iron, hybrid, whatever, off the first tee, you can get it basically any distance you want, and you’re setting yourself up for the second shot. But this is totally different. And, yeah, psychologically it is different because you have to be on your game right away.” What advice can we give these pros? Cam Cole, writer for the Montreal Gazette, has wise words from pro golfer Tony Jacklin:

Bite the bullet, boys: Jacklin said complaining about the bunkering or the deep fescue is pointless. “You really don’t get the guys who are in with a shout complaining about conditions of golf courses,” he said. “I mean, I remember Hazeltine when Dave Hill said all it needed was a dozen cows and a couple of tractors there or whatever.

“Golf courses are to be played, and you cannot get out of the fact that it’s controlling the golf ball that wins you major championships, and that’s the examination. And as tough as this is, the rough was high at Muirfield in 1966 when Nicklaus won. They had two stewards on the left and right of every hole, and that’s when Nicklaus drove with a 1iron all week. Tiger won at Hoylake with a 1iron all week. Somebody is going to do it. Somebody will figure it out and get it done. “It’s just getting your head ’round it and getting on with it. Whingeing won’t get it.”

As soon as these pros internalize: “It’s just getting your head ’round it and getting on with it,” – they will then be able to move past their mental roadblocks. Start practicing for the tournament in your mind, then these mental blocks will just fall away. Did I mention that Bubba Watson has one more obstacle to overcome? It’s hitting irons off tees. “No. I’ve got issues in my head. It’s something I’ve never done. It’s just I have to learn that. I’ve done it in some places, but I have to really focus and concentrate more when it comes to that, really get my targets and my irons off the tees to make sure that I’m playing safe.” Watson: mental golf can ease concerns for pros at the Open Championship.

Mental hazards can affect any golfer. If you’re not working on your mental game, you’re not going to be able  to play your best (no matter how long you spend working on your swing)! Start working on yours today, for just one dollar:

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