Mental Golf Lesson from Seve Ballesteros

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Mental Golf Lesson from Seve Ballesteros

It’s been over a year since Seve Ballesteros has passed away. So I thought that I would take a minute and share a mental golf lesson from Seve Ballesteros that would encourage us to better our golf games (which shouldn’t be too hard when talking about the former world’s #1 best player).

Now, I want to remind you of one Seve’s famous plays… Remember that ’79 British Open where he was ahead by two shots in the final round? And what did he do? He drove his next shot right into the parking lot! He even had to get a car removed in order to get his free drop! But what I’m driving at is what came right after that mess… From the lot, Seve shot into 15 feet and then made birdie. He then went on to win his first major! And it’s just like he said, visualizing success and gets you there. He set his eyes on the green, and he made birdie.

Y’know, Seve’s just like us. We all take shots that go horribly wrong. What makes the pros great is that they don’t let that shot set a trend. They get right back on track. How? They’ve trained their minds to deal with the tension and frustration. They’ve worked on their mental game to the extent where they are in control of their tension. And when you’re in control, you play like a pro. That’s what Seve was like.

Seve learned to control his mental side of golf. That’s what set him apart as being great. Because when you’ve conquered your mental game – you don’t get stressed out over the yips. And you don’t storm of the course just because you can’t get out of a hazard!

Pros know that the key to great golf is to shut out all negative thoughts that prevent you from playing your best. If you just took a bad shot, the WORST thing you can do is to think about it. You see, thinking about your bad shot will ruin the rest of your game! You have to break your pattern of thinking negatively. For this reason, Fuzzy Zoeller whistles while he sets up his shot – he’s calming his mind.

Now it doesn’t matter to me if you whistle all the time. Just break up the pattern. Tell yourself a joke – anything to interrupt your pattern of inner negative self-talk. When you break up your negative thoughts – you’re free to play your best – without your mind holding you back! This is a a mental golf lesson from Seve Ballesteros that we can really incorporate into our own games.

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