Golf Pros Use Meditation to Boost their Mental Golf Game

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Golf Pros Use Meditation to Boost their Mental Golf Game

Do golf pros use meditation to boost their mental golf game? They do! Let me explain by sharing something with you that happened behind the scenes at the recent Open Championship (at Royal Lytham and St Annes)… You may be familiar with 25-year-old pro golfer Anirban Lahiri, as he’s claimed two professional wins on the Asian Tour (the Panasonic Open back in 2011 and the SAIL-SBI Open a few months ago). So how did Lahiri come out at the Open? Aside from making the cut (68-72), he landed a hole-in-one at the par-3 9th hole (in the third round), and tied for 31st. But what most intrigues me about Lahiri is his focus on the mental game.

When talking about how he practices, Lahiri made sure to mention how he incorporates meditation into his routine. He sometimes meditates for hours! Indian Sports News has more on what Lahiri said:

“I’ll stick to my meditation and stay in the moment and not get carried away and focus on what I need to do. It’ll play a critical role. Times of great highs and low, the mind gets muddled and unclear. I have to rely on meditation as it’ll only do me good.”

“The benefit that I have derived from my meditation is that I’m able to stay in the present. That’s what everyone talks about, hit one shot at a time and we all wonder how to do it. The meditation has taught me to block out the scoreboard, what the group in front is doing or how far back or ahead I am. All those things kind of get sidetracked and the focus comes back to what I need to do. That’s what meditation helps me to do.”

“It’s like a process, like an exercise. You can be in that state during the round depending on how strong your practices are. If you can put yourself in that state, you can go through 18 holes in your own world without being affected by what’s around you. That’s what really helps.”

You see, Lahiri knows that golf is all about the mind. You may be ready, you may have the equipment, but what’s going on in your head? As Lahiri puts it: “the mind gets muddled and unclear.” Any pro has got to come up with something to be able to get control of their mental game. For Lahiri, its meditation. He’s found that it helps him “stay in the present.” So you see that it’s not bogus! Golf pros use meditation to boost their mental golf game!

Am I expecting you to meditate for hours each day? No. But the fact that Lahiri is so worked up about his mental game, encourages us to think about how much effort we’re putting into own own. Do you get distracted easily? How do you handle tension? When you start working on mental golf, you start to get a grip on these problems. Check out Golfersmind for yourself. You can learn it all in just under 2 hours! Just click here:

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