Mental Golf Faces Off Against the Olympics

I wrote that “mental golf faces off against the Olympics“. How so? Listen… Everyone has Olympic fever these days. But there’s one thing missing from the Olympics… Golf! Tennis is an Olympic sport. Swimming is an Olympic sport. Heck, even badminton is an Olympic sport (and I have not seen anyone actually play badminton in nearly 40 years!) But golf is discriminated against. And here’s what I think may be behind it…

These days, many people want a quick fix. They want sports where you can see a winner in just a few moments. They want sports where you can clearly see the talent. They want sports that require brawn or that dazzle the audience. Golf doesn’t offer that.

But I want to tell you something… While other sports require brawn, golf requires brains and iron will. Golf requires mental stamina and cool nerves. A golfer who plays for 18 holes and shoots par (or below) is every bit the athlete that a marathon runner is – maybe more. Those who play 18 holes and fight par on every hole are the real champions.

So although many would rather watch a gymnast twirl for two minutes than watch the grueling mental endurance that is golf, the Olympics should still let golfers compete. If the Olympics is about athletic ability, golf should be in the spotlight.  So mental golf faces off against the Olympics. And maybe it’s only a matter of time before they accept golf as one of the Olympic games… And you know what? It’s this same issue that prevents golfers from advancing their own golf game. What do I mean?

People don’t have the patience to master the mental game of golf. Although golfers know that the mental game is crucial to really tapping into their best game, many won’t do it because they are looking for a quick fix. They figure that in order to really get a handle on the mental game, they have to undergo a grueling and lengthily process. They think it’s only something that the pros have time for.

And that’s where Golfersmind comes in. I’ve put together a less-than-two-hour program that will help you to take advantage of your best game. You can start to incorporate the mental game into your golf game – overnight! It’s so easy to understand. It’s so easy to apply. And I guarantee it. See for yourself! Just click the link to check it out:


  1. The golfer mind is a great program that my son uses on the pro golf tour. He plays on the EGolf tour and uses your course each and every day. Yesterday he fired a nice -6 , 66. To do that you have to keep control of that mind and not get in your own way, which you teach in the golfers mind course. His site is if anyone would like to see how he does. Thanks for the great book, everyone playing should have it and use it.

  2. Larry Rancourt says:

    Proof to the statement the 18 holes of par golf is more mentaly challenging than most olympic sports.
    Watch Phil Mickelson On the ocean coarse in Thursdays round .. Focus focus focus!!! Pure mastery!!

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