Angel Cabrera’s Mental Golf Lesson

Cabrera Golf Lesson

Angel Cabrera's Mental Golf Lesson



















What’s Angel Cabrera’s mental golf lesson? I want to take a minute to focus on Argentine professional golfer, Angel Cabrera. Cabrera has pulled in 46 professional wins over the last 20 years. And among them is his win at the Masters that I want to talk about… Back in 2009, Cabrera came out ahead of golf’s greatest players at Augusta, like Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson. And when he did it, he was the lowest ranked golfer to ever win the Masters (he was ranked 69th before the tournament). How did Cabrera handle all that pressure? Did Cabrera think he stood a chance against golf’s best? Cabrera tells us himself how he did it: “I had confidence”. He already knew that he had all that it takes to win inside himself. So, he went ahead and won.

But this wasn’t the first major tournament for Cabrera. Further back in 2007 at the US Open at Oakmont, he held off Tiger Woods and Jim Furyk to win the Open. You see, Cabrera is someone who doesn’t doubt his abilities. He’s the one to ask: Why not win? It’s that confidence of knowing one’s own abilities that sky-rocketed him ahead of his opponents to earn him that Green Jacket.

Old time golf pro Tommy Bolt once said, “After you have improved that swing, concentration is 75 percent of golf.” You see, when you’re confident, tension falls away and you feel empowered. You feel that every shot’s gonna be as good as your best. And you know what? It’s easier than you think for you to have this very same confidence. You already know that you have the ability to play like a pro. Remember that amazing shot you took one time? Remember that incredible putt you once sank? You have the skills already inside yourself to play like a pro.

And since confidence is knowing your own abilities – why aren’t you playing your personal best more often? Because you haven’t mastered applied confidence. And that kind of confidence only comes from mastering your mental game. When you work on your mental game, your confidence improves, and you begin playing “in the zone” more often. And this is also Angel Cabrera’s mental golf lesson for you.

I want to share with you a quick confidence tip from golf pro Gary Player. Gary once related that “The greatest thing for confidence is watching that ball go into the hole.” Following that advice, Gary used to take 100 balls out to the putting green and would take 18-inch putts. One right after the other – into that hole. It gave him confidence.

So head out to a putting green and get up real close to that hole. Sink some easy putts – ones that you know you’ll make. One right after the other. You’ll feel your confidence beginning to improve after watching that ball roll into that hole so many times.

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