Playing on Automatic Pilot with Mental Golf

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Playing on Automatic Pilot with Mental Golf











Playing on automatic pilot with mental golf means that mental golf teaches golfers to play without thinking. Now, sometimes doing without thinking can result in an undesired outcome… Like the story about Travis McKeaveney and Ryan Densmore.

A few years ago, these guys stole some car parts from a few automotive businesses in Brandford, CT. As they attempted to make their getaway,they realized they were a little lost. So they pulled over and asked a cop (in uniform) for directions to the local interstate. The cop assisted them and they continued on their way. But Travis and Ryan were in the middle of a getaway and still had their license plate covered by a paper towel! When the cop noticed this, he pulled them over and discovered their stolen loot. Had either one of these guys stopped to think for a second, they would have realized that asking a cop for directions is not in their best interest at this time! But they didn’t think and are now being charged with larceny and burglary.

So when exactly is doing without thinking EVER a good idea? When it comes to sports. And especially when it comes to golf! You see, the best athletes DON’T think through every little thing that they do. If they did, the game would still be going on for many hours (long after everyone has stopped watching).

Golf pro David Graham describes this idea when talking about playing during the 1981 US Open (which he won): “I did not think for a moment the consequences of a poor shot. There was no fussing over the taking or details of my swing… Mentally and physically, it was as though I was on automatic pilot. My thoughts were clear, ordered and decisive. All I did was pull a club from the bag, swing, and the type of shot I envisioned would come off perfectly.”

How do you get to the point where you can just let your body run on automatic pilot and play your best? By working on your mental golf game. Playing on automatic pilot with mental golf brings your game to its peak. And by using the simple to learn and simple to apply methods that I teach in Golfersmind – in just 2 hours – you will be well on your way to playing your best golf – consistently. (I’m so sure of it, that if you’re not getting results, I’ll refund 100% of your money. I’m not interested in your money if I’m not helping you improve.) So are you ready to take your golf game to the max? Check out Golfersmind right here:

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