The Man Without Vision and His Mental Golf Lesson

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The Man Without Vision and His Mental Golf Lesson

The man without vision and his mental golf lesson… The Harvard Medical School published some startling research about a man known only as “TN”. You see, TN was left blind after a series of strokes and yet somehow, he can still see. TN’s actual eyes are unharmed from the strokes; it’s his brain that was damaged and can’t process the visual information sent to him by his eyes. Still, when scientists set up an obstacle course of boxes, wastebaskets, and other items in order to block TN’s path… TN managed to smoothly walk past each item as if he knew they were there!

As David Robson, writer for the NewScientist, puts it:

The results were astonishing: TN navigated his way through the course without even touching a single obstacle. Since the corridor was kept silent during his journey, he couldn’t have gained clues to the positions of the obstacles by listening for echoes.

“It’s quite a distance to walk,” says de Gelder. “He walked much faster than we had expected, without hesitation or any kind of exploration.” She adds that he did it completely subconsciously, with no idea that he had been avoiding obstacles in his path.

How is this possible? It’s called “blindsight”. His brain still gets those signals sent to him by his eyes, and the brain still translates them into information even though he can’t actually SEE anything. He even reacts to facial expressions of people around him!

Now, I find this fascinating because even though he lost his vision, all he had to do was let his body take over – and then he could function. You see, TN has the power to overcome his crippling condition by simply tapping into his own natural abilities. And you know what? We too tap into our own natural abilities all the time!

When we walk through the living room and avoid bumping into all that furniture, we’re not thinking about it… We just avoid it. And when it comes to golf, tapping into your natural abilities is the most important thing you can do.

When the top golf pros step up for each shot – they’re not calculating angles or trying to remember exactly how to hold the club. They just swing. It’s natural. They’re naturally using what their minds already know. These pros know that mental golf lets you access your natural talent.

And YOU are no exception to the rule. You’ve been passively training your minds for years so that when you step up to every shot – your brain already knows what to do. So how come we don’t take our greatest shots more often??? Well, to use what our minds have absorbed, we have to learn how to access and apply those mental tools.

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