Golf Legend Gary Player’s Advice for Golfers

Golf Legend Gary Player's Advice for Golfers

Golf Legend Gary Player’s Advice for Golfers

Does golf legend Gary Player need an introduction? Does this winner of 24 PGA tournaments and 9 Majors (including 3 Masters) need a quick opener before I discuss his recent comments? I’m going to assume not. (Honestly, that’s the safer way of doing things too! The last thing I need is avid Player fans breathing down my neck about how I didn’t accurately describe his greatness!)

This past Friday, he chatted with ESPN’s SportsNation. There, they discussed many items of interest. Among them, if he had any advice for Tiger Woods in the coming season. Here’s Player’s response:

There is one particular thing he’s doing in his swing that I don’t like. I’ve had enough experience, 60 years, to know that I’m right. I’m not a Johnny Come Lately. But I’m not going to be arrogant and tell the world’s No. 1 player in public what I think it is. I have too much respect for him.

What I want to focus on is his response to: “What is your best advice for young golfers?” What do you think one of the world’s best golfers had to say to that? Here’s a word-for-word quote of his response:

A) Appreciate America. B) Work hard. C) To realize that everybody has problems. D) Take advantage of the opportunity you have. Don’t dream about doing well, do it. Remember, the Chinese and Koreans are outworking us.

Let’s take a look at his response. What underlying ideas do we see?

A) Appreciation

B) Hard Work and Effort

C) Understanding

D) Hard Work and Effort

“Don’t Dream…” means: Hard Work and Effort

“Remember, the Chinese…” also means: Hard Work and Effort

So aside from the two deep comments about appreciation and understanding, his basic message is that golfers should work hard and commit time towards working on improvement.

Disappointed with his advice? Hey Gary, where’s the shortcut!? Shouldn’t he be sharing the quick fix to success? If the answer to that hasn’t already hit you like a sack of bricks, what Player is saying is that the one way to the top is to put in the effort. Nothing will come from nothing.

Now don’t let this fool you into thinking: there is no way to do something easy that will significantly improve your golf game. There are lots of ways to put in just a bit of effort and, nevertheless, reap big results. And Gary Player would be the first to tell you that! What do I mean? Let me share the following with you:

Gary Player, was once at Greensboro, and he was practicing 18-inch putts on a practice green. He had 100 balls with him and he was putting one after another right into the hole. “What are you practicing for?” someone asked, “Obviously you never miss them”. “That’s right,” Gary agreed, “But I’ll tell you what. The greatest thing for putting is confidence, and the greatest thing for confidence is watching that ball go into the hole. I stand here until my confidence is high. The subconscious is watching that ball go into the hole.”

In other words, working on your mental golf game is something that’s easy and also can skyrocket your overall performance. How difficult was it for Player to make those 18-inch putts? Super easy. So why did he keep doing it if he wasn’t struggling with it? Because as he said: “the greatest thing for putting is confidence.” Player knows that your golf game is only as strong as your mental game. And the interesting thing is that it’s easy to work on your mental game.

Need more proof that working on your mental game is easy? Let me share one more tip (which Gary Player himself uses).

Before addressing the ball, take a deep breath and let it out slowly. That’s it. Try it out and you’ll see a huge improvement in your golf swing. (In fact, basketball players use this same exact tip before shooting free throws.) It’s a fast way to ease tension – letting you play your best.

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