The Mind is the Greatest Club in Your Golf Bag

The Mind is the Greatest Club in Your Golf Bag

The Mind is the Greatest Club in Your Golf Bag

They’re back! Awhile ago, I wrote an article about how aliens left their golf clubs behind when they visited planet Earth. What did I mean by that? You see, golf equipment in general, and clubs in specific, have become so technologically complex. I love how someone once described how some clubs “defy physics” nowadays.

I was just looking at a fairly new hybrid that comes with either a Matrix RocketFuel 80-gram or Matrix Altus 85-gram TP shaft. Does my shaft have “Matrix RocketFuel”? If not, it makes your current club seem like nothing more than a twig that you pulled off a tree.

The same club comes with a “SpeedPocket” and is partly made from “RocketSteel”, a new high-strength alloy (developed in part by the company who produces the club). With a club like this, you might as well bring your lounge chair and cooler to the fairway and have your club play for you!

So now that you feel like you can’t play golf without purchasing this piece of equipment, you then move over to the price… and you pass out. For a nice cut of your paycheck, you too can launch golf balls into outer space. So you now have to play the “is it worth it” game. But it’s not going to be just one club is it? You’ll have to get another one to adjust your slice, another one with a titanium handle, and another one with the most advanced clubhead…

I saw someone comment that although they bought one of these clubs and are happy with it, they lamented that “if it gets better then this, I may become homeless.”

Now don’t take me the wrong way. I’m not saying that your equipment doesn’t matter. Having the right equipment is majorly important. My real problem is that the marketing makes you feel that your golf game will never amount to anything unless you buy their product. Without their product, they imply, you just won’t be able to play your best golf. And it’s just not true.

You see, all the equipment you need is already built-in. You’ve already hit the shots that this new driver wants you to pay hundreds of dollars for. Do you remember that amazing tee-shot you once had? The incredible putt you once sank? You’ve already got the ability to play like a pro inside of you. How do you tap into that consistently? You have to master your mental game.

Pro Steve Elkington, 16-time professional tour winner, commented that more important than any piece of equipment is your mental game. As he put it: “The mind is your greatest weapon, the greatest club in your bag”.

When you develop your mental game – you’ll be able to unlock your best golf and play “in the zone” consistently. See what golf legends know to be true! Click here to check out: (And to ethically bribe you into playing your best, I’m only charging you $1 to try out the program. Would you pay a buck to start playing the way you’ve always wanted to?)

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