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We test all available mental golf training software

Here at we are constantly testing and evaluating all kinds of mental golf training software.  Pro Mental Coach was recently written up in USA Today, and has been getting some buzz around the internet too, so we’re going to take a closer look at it.

Why is mental golf training so important?

Because golf, perhaps more than any other sport, demands more of your mind than your physical skills.

Here’s what Pro Golfer Tom Murphy says:

“Let’s face it,
95 percent of this game is mental.
If a guy plays a lousy golf
he doesn’t need a pro,
he needs a shrink.”



Let’s take a closer look at Pro Mental Coach

Mental Golf Training Software
Pro Mental Coach

For starters, the folks at BCI say you will play smarter and thus lower your scores as a result of this interactive software. Second, the Pro Mental Coach will help you learn how to handle golf’s darker sides, whether it’s a three-putt for bogey or a drive out of bounds.

“It’s a fact that golf is 90% in your head, and the outcome of each round is usually determined by how a player manages the mental game,” said Stephane Bergeron, the founder of BCI. “Our software helps golfers train the part of their game that’s been holding them back, from the comfort and privacy of home, 24/7, no appointment necessary.”

The Pro Mental Coach assesses mental skills and customizes a training program fitting each user’s needs. It features what BCI says are scientifically-proven “exergames” that are fun and easy to follow. These build the “brain muscle,” BCI says, helping create an “in the zone” mental state through improved focus, confidence, motivation, stress management, endurance and recovery from bad shots.

Among its features: Assessment and full diagnostic of a user’s mental game strengths and weaknesses; a customized training program that matches users’ skills; tracking and evaluation of performance from each training session; and the ability for PGA Professionals to access a student’s mental game profile.

The technology was developed by BCI in collaboration with medical centers, and it is used in clinical research funded by National Institutes of Health (NIH). Pro Mental Coach continuously interacts with users and adjusts “exergame” difficulty levels in real time, according to performance. This personalizes each training session.

This review of the mental golf training software – Pro Mental Golf was originally published here, in USA Today.  You can read more about it there.

The article goes on to explain how Pro Mental Golf was first developed, not as mental golf training software, but in a medical environment, doing brain training drills for rehabilitation.

Doctor Kilstein demands that we keep up with all the latest mental golf training software, Pro Mental Golf has been ordered, and we will present a full review of the product early next week.  I have already claimed the first copy to be downloaded, because of my greater need for mental golf training (I’m a long driver, but miss the five-footers when money or pride is on the line.

How about you?

If you are in the market for mental golf training software, would Pro Mental Golf be on your list?


  1. I’m currently a member at Lumosity which gives you allot of brain games. Do you think Pro Mental game will be anything different?

    • Dr. Harlan Kilstein says:

      The techniques we teach are entirely different. We too are Lumonisity members. It’s nothing in common.

  2. Darrell Sikes says:

    I am in the market for mental golf training software. How do I find out more?

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