Mental Golf Training For Complete Beginners

Idea — what about mental golf training for complete beginners?

I was at the driving range yesterday, and two young women in their 20’s were taking their first golf lesson next to me.  Both these women had never held a club in their hands before, and yet they both had an outstanding attitude and mental approach to learning the game.  I know the Pro, (Mike Olmstead), so later I asked him what he thought about creating a program of mental golf training for complete beginners.

mental golf for complete beginners

Yani Tseng has had one of the best years of any young golfer in history. Would she have done better if her first training was mental golf training for complete beginners?

Now, learning anything requires both technical skills and the right frame of mine, and complete beginners would certainly need a fair bit of technique along with their mental golf training.

But it also stands to reason that because complete beginners have no bad habits, the proper instructions in grip, stance, addressing the ball, backswing, downswing, ball striking and follow-through would progress much faster with the right mental attitude towards their golf training.

Mike Olstead, who is a 20 year pro here in Calgary, said he personally thought it was a great idea, but that very few golf pros would buy into the concept of mental golf training at the beginning lessons of anyone taking up the game for the first time.

We talked for about 20 minutes over a beer, and then he had to leave for another lesson.

Here’s my notes on our thoughts ….

Mental Golf Training For Complete Beginners

  • beginners have enthusiasm
  • complete beginners don’t have any idea how hard golf is, which is a good thing
  • complete beginners would take mental golf training if a trusted pro told them to
  • mental golf training for beginners means they have few if any bad mental habits
  • you could teach them to visualize a perfect swing in their mind by having the pro demo it
  • A better golfers mind would help them learn faster

Even though I agree with Mike that it would be very hard to get the average club pro to integrate mental golf training for complete beginners, I still think it’s a good idea, and worth looking into further.

What do you think?

Am I completely looney that anybody would ever be interested in mental golf training for complete beginners?

Please leave a comment below, I’m really interested in your opinion.

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