Focus on Mental Golf and Golf Fitness During the Winter Months

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Focus on Mental Golf and Golf Fitness During the Winter Months

Some people just don’t take advantage of the winter weather. Let’s say that you’re not going to play a round of golf today… It doesn’t mean you’re helpless and have to wait until Spring to get back into it! You can develop your skills from the comfort of your home. How? Focus on mental golf and golf fitness during the winter months! There are a few smart guys who take a couple of hours over the cold months to give their game a shot in the arm by working on the most important aspect of the game – the mental game. This kind of golfer – the guy who takes the small, simple effort to boost his game during winter “down time” – will hit his very first tee shot of the Spring season further (and straighter) than his best drive all last year. He will chip and pitch with jaw-dropping precision. And putt like Arnold Palmer. And guess what? This guy could be… YOU!

Before I tell you how you can boost your mental golf from your sofa, I wanted to share this short article with you. Bob Miller, PGA director of instruction (at Blue Rock Springs Golf Course in Vallejo, CA), focuses in on fitness – for golfers. If you’re not actively working on your golf-specific muscles during the year – even more so you should be reading what Miller shared with the Times Herald. Read his short and informative article here.

Are you serious about reducing your handicap and beating the pants off your buddies? The winter weather is setting in and now is the time to start working on your fitness and flexibility. By training the correct muscles, you can easily increase the strength and coordination you need for a powerful golf swing.

The hips generate the momentum necessary to deliver arms, hands and the club head to the ball. Exercise and stretch the hips to gain distance off the tee.

The abdominals and hamstrings allow us to get in the proper address position and stay in position tilted toward the ball throughout the swing. The smaller rotator cuff muscles in the shoulders do most of the work of turning and swinging the arms. The finger muscles are often forgotten and poor grips make bad clubface position.

There are many exercise books available to help create your fitness routine. It’s time to squeeze a ball, do some sit-ups, walk 3-4 miles on the treadmill or get on the stationary bike, use the stairs instead of the lift. If your motivation is low, you will need a personal trainer. There are several personal trainers that provide golf specific exercises and fitness evaluations.

Golf specific exercise gives us the most feedback for feeling what our muscles are doing to create power. Concentrate your exercises on the hips, shoulders, arms and hands. The golf swing is about feel.

It goes beyond simple swing mechanics or muscle movement. Work out regularly to hit the ball farther, increase your stamina, get more supple and prevent injury, while your handicap starts to disappear.

I agree with Miller. It’s really crucial to take advantage of the extra time you’ll be having indoors. Even if it’s only something small that you do daily – it’ll pay off in the long run. OK. As I said, I’m going to tell you how to focus on mental golf and golf fitness during the winter months. How can you focus on mental golf without setting a foot on the course? It’s like what golf legend Ben Hogan once said: “After the 10% mechanics, golf is 90% mental”. The pros know that the only way to play great golf is to master your mental game. Swinging a club is obviously very important, but controlling your mind is essential. If you work on your improving your golf-mind, you’ll be ahead of the game come Spring. Look, every year – and I mean every year – some golfers spend their first few games of the Spring chasing hooks and slices, taking three chips to hit the green, and putting like chimpanzees. By late June, they’re finally getting into something resembling a groove… and it isn’t until early August that their game starts to show signs of improvement. And these are golf nuts who get out several times a week. Don’t be one of them!

Let me give you a real down to earth example of what I mean by mental game. One of a golfer’s worst enemies is tension. Tension can ruin what could be an amazing shot. What makes it so powerful is that its something located in the mind – and how do you get rid of that? So here’s what you are going to do… When you’re getting ready to take a shot – close your eyes. Roll them up until you feel your eyes beginning to strain, and then – let go. Then, count backwards from five to one. You know the drill: five, four, three, two and one. Now visualize the shot that you are going to take, hear it, and feel the sensations in your body of what it would be like to take that shot. Then take another deep breath. Exhale slow. You have now rid your body of all tension. Your body is completely relaxed. All you have left to do is open up your eyes and take the shot.

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