Golfers Mind: Even Phil Mickelson Needs Help With His Mental Golf Game

Phil Michelson still needs help with his mental golf game.

Lefty is still working on his mental golf game. What are you doing to improve your focus and concentration? (image from Wikipedia, used with permission)

Are you still missing the easiest shots?  So is Phil Mickelson … even Phil Mickelson needs help with his mental golf game.

Phil missed a 3-footer on the 11th hole of The Championships recently, and he blames that one miss for losing the tournament.

“I just let my mind slip [and] started thinking ahead as opposed to focusing on the putt,” Mickelson confided to Charlie Rose in a televised interview on Monday (golf clap to Jay Busbee for the tip). “I started thinking about the 12th hole. I’m on 11 and [I’m thinking about] the next shot and how I could birdie the next hole.”

At that point on Rory McIlroy’s favorite links course, Mickelson was still very much in contention to win his first Open Championship. With leader and eventual winner Darren Clarke cruising, Mickelson ditched a revamped links-golf game plan that he had executed almost to perfection.

The flubbed gimme on 11 was a major brain cramp that snowballed into Phil reverting back to his aggressive, go-for-broke The Thrill alter ego, and there went his chance for Open glory. After all, it’s Golf 101: stay in the moment and play one shot at a time — basics to which Mickelson conceded he had to return.

“Other things than making that putt were going through my mind and that’s something I’ve got to work on,” he said. “I’ve got to work on my focus because missing a three-foot putt is not a technical thing, it’s more of a mental focus.

“Yeah,” Mickelson nodded in response to one of Rose’s many irritating interruptions during a most illuminating interview of golf’s No. 6, “it was [a brain freeze].”   Original story here


Do you have “brain freezes” on the easy shots?

If Phil Mickelson needs help with his mental golf game… then you probably do too.

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