Rory McIlroy’s Mental Golf Advice

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Rory McIlroy's Mental Golf Advice

When one of the world’s top tennis pros (Caroline Wozniacki) and one of the world’s top golf pros (Rory McIlroy) started dating one other, many people were buzzing. My interest in their relationship? It’s known that tennis and golf are both mentally demanding sports. I really wanted to know what advice each would impart to the other regarding the mental game. That’s why I was so interested in this article that I read at where Wozniacki shared some of Rory McIlroy’s mental golf advice.

One of the mental golf tips that Rory McIlroy shared with his girlfriend was to focus on the now. A good golfer doesn’t   let their emotions of how poor their last was interfere with their current shot. Kill distractions that will bring you down. If you can overcome those distractions, you’re set to play your best on every hole. Here’s the article where Wozniacki talks about McIlroy’s advice:

World No 1 Caroline Wozniacki says she has picked up tips on her mental approach to tennis from her golf major-winning boyfriend, Rory McIlroy, as she pursues her hunt for a maiden grand slam title.

Speaking after she reached the third round of the Australian Open, Wozniacki — who revealed she has also taken up golf — said McIlroy had passed on nuggets of wisdom based on his experiences on the golf course.

The Northern Irishman, whose game collapsed at the US Masters last April when he was within sight of victory, bounced back to win the US Open in style in June.

“Well, it’s just about you can’t really do anything about the past. You just need to look forward. You have a tournament now, and you want to do the best you can. That’s it,” she said, explaining McIlroy’s advice.

“Then if it goes well, it’s great. If not, you have the next one. It’s like tennis. So, you know, it’s just important not to dwell too much in the past.”

The 21-year-old Dane admitted that golf was not as easy as it looked.

“I’ve been out playing a little bit,” she said. “It’s good when you have someone there saying, OK, remember these few key points. Then I can hit it far.

“Once I’m out there alone and have to start playing, it goes right and left and up and down. I get so frustrated. Feel like I just want to break the clubs and go home.”

And she said the mental side of golf was even more demanding than tennis.

“It’s not so easy as it looks on TV,” she said. “It’s not just hitting a ball, standing still. It’s a lot of mental.

“I think it’s more mental than tennis actually. You do one wrong movement and the ball goes in the trees or somewhere and it’s difficult. So definitely it has surprised me how mentally strong you need to be.”

McIlroy also dabbles in tennis, she said, but without taking it seriously.

“I think both of us don’t want to, I mean, be too serious in the other sport. It’s just for fun. Yeah, have a bit of fun.”

You see, McIlroy has really refined his ability to focus on what’s happening now. He will play his best at each shot. Which will mean that he will play his best at each hole. Which will mean that he will play his best at each tournament. Pros like McIlroy know that the way to always play your best golf is to focus only on the shot at hand. If you’re focused everywhere else, or even just casually thinking about your next shot – that means you’re not focused on what you’re doing now! It means you’re not playing your best. Take Rory McIlroy’s mental golf advice: just focus on the shot you have right now, and take care of the next hole after you nail this one.

OK. But HOW do pros like McIlroy get this ability to focus? By working on their mental game. When you work on your mental game – your ability to focus on exactly what you’re doing right now – becomes natural and automatic. What do you think of McIlroy’s advice? Did you notice that the article mentioned how Wozniacki felt that “the mental side of golf was even more demanding than tennis” – do you agree with her? Let me hear your thoughts in the comments section.

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