Pro Golfer Frances Bondad is Playing Great Due to Mental Golf

Great Playing Bondad

Pro Golfer Frances Bondad is Playing Great Due to Mental Golf

Pro golfer Frances Bondad is playing great due to mental golf. That’s right: Frances Bondad has a real shot at winning the RACV Australian Ladies Masters at Royal Pines. She’s now in 5th place. And after having five successive birdies, we shouldn’t be surprised to see her come out with a victory. But it wasn’t always like this for Bondad. In fact, quite recently she was struggling with a very low confidence issue. She didn’t feel like she could win.

She then met up with Dr. Adam Nichols, a sports psychologist and osteopath. Dr. Nichols worked with her to give her a complete turnaround. She is now mentally fit. And her performance at Royal Pines certainly demonstrates that. Read more about her breakthrough in this article by Jim Tucker, writer for the Herald Sun:

Sydney’s petite birdie hunter Frances Bondad did not truly believe she could be a winner until a holistic sports psychologist spoke to her doubting sub-conscious through her arm.

Bondad, 24, produced her most striking performance on home fairways with a nine-under-par 63 to vault into contention for the final round shoot-out at the RACV Australian Ladies Masters at Royal Pines.

It wasn’t just rolling in five straight birdies on the Gold Coast layout to finish her career-low round that excited Bondad (68-72-63), who leapt from 24th into fifth spot as the leading Aussie, seven strokes behind South Korean leader So-Yeon Ryu (66-61-69).

It is the lasting benefits she is seeing from her chance hook-up with Sydney osteopath and holistic practitioner Dr Adam Nichols last October that gave her the mental makeover for a breakthrough victory in China just weeks later.

 She was reaching out desperately in a flat year and found Nichols on the internet and has kept in touch ever since.

He put her on track with hypno-kinesiology to boost her self-belief.

“I wasn’t put into a trance but he reversed the negatives in me. I held my arm out and when he said, ‘You are a winner’, he could pull the arm down straight away. When he said, ‘You’re not a winner’, the arm wouldn’t budge,” Bondad explained.

“I might have thought I could win but my sub-conscious didn’t agree. He has worked wonders with my mental game because at one stage I was going to come home and not even play in China last year.”

Bondad also discovered she had “a lack of focus and a short attention span”, which have been fixed by introducing a switch-on trigger to her pre-shot routine – clicking her heels three times.

Like Dorothy’s red shoe-tapping in The Wizard of Oz, it is taking the proud Aussie, of Filipino heritage, to a wondrous new world with her golf. Constant chatter with caddie Brianne Lukes, herself a pro, also keeps stress levels down and smiles flashing. […]

Among the many things that Dr. Nichols helped her with, he helped her develop a trigger to evoke her ability to focus. Whenever she’s feeling a little distracted, she just has to tap her heels together. That simple act awakens a heightened awareness within her, giving her the ability to play her best. So that’s what I mean when I say that pro golfer Frances Bondad is playing great due to mental golf.

You can also learn how to use these triggers to your advantage. Find out how right now! Check out: What do you think of Bondad’s recovery? Let me hear your thought on it below.

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