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I just received this testimonial in the mail.

Mental Golf - Improve your score by 11 strokes or more

I had consistently been beaten time after time by a close business acquaintance/friend of mine.  No matter which course, playing conditions or other factors.  He would manage to better me by anywhere from about 4 strokes to as many as 14 or more.

Now, I know I can hit the ball as well as him, because many times I’ll have that pro-caliber shot and I’ll be “right there”.  But, that shot was always surrounded by shots that weren’t nearly as good.  And some were awful.  As a result, he always managed at the end of the hole, or the end of the day, to score much better than me.  By the end of the round, I had lost.  Sometimes, quite badly.

In our most recent round, I thought to myself that I would just let the best shots come out of me.  That I would start the hole with a well-planned shot, not expect too much, visualize it in my mind, and then, don’t think, just swing.

Lo and behold, I found that from the very first hole, I was giving myself many more chances to hit pars, even birdies.  And after a few holes I noticed that I wasn’t blowing up into those six, seven, even eight or more stroke per hole catastrophies!

I thought, wow, this is working!  Better yet, I was right in the running with my playing partner and competitor.  He was very gracious and very encouraging, and really wanted to see me post a personal best.  After nine holes, we were tied!

On the back nine I let the techniques I learned from your newsletter about the powers of concentration, getting into “the zone”, visualizing the right shot occurring successfully, work for me with even more freedom from pressure, mind games and negative thoughts.  I didn’t punish myself for the couple of bad shots I had.  I let them roll of my back, which was easier than ever because I had such a good round going.  I was doing something I hadn’t done before.  I was scoring!  I didn’t just hit one or two pars produced by the fluke of two good shots in a row and the two-putt.  I was giving myself a chance for par on almost every hole.

By the end of this day, on my favorite home course, I posted my best score ever – an 84!  And I beat my previous best by 11 strokes.  All because I took the sevens, eights and worse off my scorecard.  Yes, that’s right. Where I used to struggle to break 100, with usually a 103 to 110 or so on the card, here I was breaking 90!  I can’t wait to get out there again!

My friend was almost as excited as I was and it was a pleasure letting him buy the burgers after our round.  He really helped me focus, but it was, far and away, the suggestions and inspiration your enewsletters have given me that got me on the right track!

Thank you very much for you help.  I’ll look forward to more great tips to come!

Marc Brenard
Brown Deer, WI
(yes, that’s the Brown Deer Golf Course where the PGA Tour event is played each year and where I shot my personal course best).

Folks, Marc’s success can be yours too.  
Try Golfer’s Mind and I’ll take all the risk.

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