Bill Haas Overcomes Pressure and Wins Big with Mental Golf

Haas Overcome Pressure Win

Bill Haas Overcomes Pressure and Wins Big with Mental Golf

Although the Northern Trust Open at Riviera ended yesterday, the golf world is still reliving it. Sunday’s heart-pounding performance had golf fans from all over guessing who would come out victorious… It was Bradley, Mickelson, and Haas. And when the dust settled, Bill Haas had won for the 4th time in his career (and collected $1.188 million). The result? Haas moved to the #12 position in the World Golf Rankings. What gave Haas the edge to compete with the best golfers? His mental game. Yes, Bill Haas overcomes pressure and wins big with mental golf.

Haas himself said: “To beat a guy like Keegan and also Phil – guys of their caliber – in a playoff, is amazing…” This tournament was a big deal for Haas. And he was up against some of the biggest names in golf. And yet he overcame the pressure and played his best. How is it possible to play your best under this sort of pressure? Let me tell you how they do it. You see, Haas wasn’t just playing ordinary golf. He was playing “in the zone”. What does that mean? I’ll tell you in a minute. But first, read this excerpt from Joel Harrington, writer for USGolfTV, who writes about just how intense this game was for Haas:

Just the fact that there was a playoff was incredible to begin with, as after Haas made a clutch par on the 72nd hole to post 7-under for the tourney, both Keegan Bradley and Phil Mickelson came to the famed 18th at Riviera needing a birdie to tie. The 18th hole is a 475 yard par 4 and plays uphill with a left to right slant and a green surrounded by a natural amphitheater that truly sets the scene for one of the best finishes in golf. Totally capitalizing on adrenaline, both Phil and Keegan proceeded to impressively pour in birdies on top of one another for only the 7th and 8th birdies of the day and just the 29th and 30th birdies for the entire week on the home hole. Talk about an impressive flair for the dramatic. All 3 players parred the 18th the next time around on the first hole of the playoff and then moved on to the short par 4 310 yard 10th hole for the 2nd playoff hole. There, Haas, after playing out sideways with his second shot to avoid flubbing his chip in the bunker, poured in a 45-footer for birdie for his 4th career PGA Tour victory after neither Phil or Keegan could get up and down after short-siding themselves off the tee.

Don’t look now, but Bill Haas became the 7th straight American winner on the PGA Tour this year and also has moved into 2nd place on the list of American 20-somethings with 4 career PGA Tour wins (trails Dustin Johnson by one). Haas is that quiet “ah shucks, goll darnit” type of guy that seems to be consistently left out of the conversation yet always finds himself in it by week’s end. Without question, Haas has worked himself into the tip top upper echelon of young American golfers.

So what exactly is “the zone”? The zone is that incredible state when you feel as if you cannot miss. For golfers, it’s when you have that incredible, unstoppable, powerful confidence that you are going to hit every shot exactly as you intend that the ball is going to absolutely go where your mind sees it. That is being in the zone. Haas had to be playing in the zone to beat out his opponents. That’s why I say that Bill Haas overcomes pressure and wins big with mental golf.

A lot of golfers mistakenly think that the only ones who can play in the zone are the pros. But this can’t be further from the truth. While it’s true that pros try to play in the zone as much as possible, the ability to tap into this power is available to everyone. And it’s easy to learn. And that is what Golfersmind will teach you. In just 2 hours, you can be well on your way to playing in the zone the very next time you step out on the course! Check it out here:

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