Evaluating Tiger Woods’ Mental Golf Game

Woods Mental Golf

Evaluating Tiger Woods' Mental Golf Game

I’ve been thinking about Tiger Woods lately. After his win at the Chevron World Challenge this past December, I’ve been waiting to see Woods regain his glory. But after coming up short at Abu Dhabi and at Pebble Beach, I’ve been doubting whether we’ll be seeing Woods as the legend he once was in the near future. What’s keeping Woods from making his comeback? Why isn’t he delivering the way he once could? After evaluating Tiger Woods’ mental golf game, it seems that’s where he needs to focus.

Woods, of all golfers, knows that’s where he needs to turn to in order to start winning. Butch Harmon, master golf instructor, taught Tiger. Harmon once mentioned that “what sets Tiger apart” is that “the players with the strongest minds are usually the ones who succeed the most. Tiger has the physical ability, but he’s so mentally tough too.” In other words, Woods was once known for his sharp mental game. If he wants to become the Tiger he once was – he needs to work on his mental game. Tracee Hamilton, columnist for The Washington Post, echoes my point in the following short paragraphs:

[…] He made five bogeys in the first three rounds in Pebble Beach; he made five on Sunday. Also […] Tiger missed six putts within 10 feet […] If you think that didn’t get into Woods’s head, think again. And that’s the ultimate problem – Woods’s head. Maybe it’s the long layoff. Maybe it’s all the changes in his life. Or maybe it’s just 882 days without hoisting a trophy. Whatever it is, this is not the old Tiger Woods. If you’re his family, that’s good news. If you’re his caddy, his sponsors, or him, that’s not good news. What’s happened to his mojo? Did he really need to bed a bevy of beauties in order to win golf tournaments? It seems unlikely.

He’s spent much of his post-recovery time tinkering with his swing, worrying about his mechanics. But he’s one of – if not the – greatest golfers of all time. Perhaps he should let the swing come naturally and tinker with his mental mechanics instead. He needs to find his confidence, his swagger, that frosty exterior that used to intimidate his fellow golfers and enrage their fans. Either that, or he needs to find a whole new way to win tournaments, one that doesn’t require grabbing the lead after three rounds then holding off all challengers with chilly perfection. Because it’s clear that right now, Woods can’t close. […]

What makes a champion is someone who knows that it’s what’s in the mind that determines how you play. That’s the key to playing your best. You see, all pro golfers have the physical skills, but how many of them really try to master their mental game? It’s those that do that win tournaments. And Woods knows this! Wally Goodwin, former Stanford University golf coach, recalls how Tiger used to review the many golf videos when he was at Stanford. “His preparation for a tournament primarily involved looking at film”. Woods was the only one who was really preparing – he was working out his mind. In evaluating Tiger Woods’ mental golf game, it seems that’s where he needs to refocus his energies.

In order to play your best, you have to have both mechanics and mental toughness. Now I’m NOT suggesting that the only way to work on your mental game is to watch golf videos like Woods did. But if you want to play like the pros, you’ve got to learn to master your mental game. So how can YOU do it? The solution is Golfersmind. In just 2 hours, I’ll teach you all the tips and tricks you’ll need to know that will begin to put your best game on autopilot. See for yourself right here: http://www.golfersmind.com/mental-golf/



  1. You may be right, however in my 50 years of playing golf I have found one constant. Whenever I am angry I don’t play well or can I concentrate properly. I am convinced that Woods must lighten up and make the fans think he’s having a great time. He needs to embrace the good things in his game and stop worrying about the ever increasing bad things that happen while playing. A few smiles will improve his chances dramatically.

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