Rory McIlroy’s Drained Mental Golf Game Gave the Win to Hunter Mahan

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Rory McIlroy's Drained Mental Golf Game Gave the Win to Hunter Mahan Rory McIlroy's Drained Mental Golf Game Gave the Win to Hunter Mahan

The WGC-Accenture Match Play Championship was brimming over with excitement. The final four? Rory McIlroy, Lee Westwood, Hunter Mahan and Mark Wilson. The world’s greatest golfers all playing together… And when it was all over, Mahan came out ahead (and Luke Donald got to keep his #1 spot). What’s interesting is that Westwood’s and McIlroy’s personal golf battle seemed to grab most of the attention. Yes! It was big rivals playing great golf on Sunday. And it was that very dual that may have been the cause of Mahan’s win. You see, it could very well have been that Rory McIlroy’s drained mental golf game gave the win to Hunter Mahan.

You see, I think that if McIlroy and Mahan faced off again, the results would be very different. It’s just that after McIlroy exhausted his mental toughness against Westwood, he just couldn’t keep up his mental game to also beat out Mahan. McIlroy himself said: “In some ways the match against Lee was my final… that was the match I had wanted all week and I had a lot of time to think about going to bed on Saturday night… I knew that match was going to be a tough one and that I would really have to get myself up for it and follow that by getting myself up again for the final.” I came across an article by Lawrence Donegan, writer for The Guardian, where he describes the bitter dual between McIlroy and Westwood:

 There is an argument that Mahan had a decided advantage heading into the final. He spent his Sunday morning fending off mild-mannered Mark Wilson in a semi-final that passed by almost unnoticed. His young opponent, meanwhile, was locked in a contest with Westwood, with whom he has a palpable personal rivalry.

These two are not the worst of enemies but it is fair to say they have a complicated relationship, bound together by professional respect but driven apart by their many differences; in age, in personality, in sense of humour and, after McIlroy dumped Andrew Chandler’s International Sport management agency last autumn for reasons till unexplained, entourage. In short they were looking to punch each other’s lights out, metaphorically of course. Predictably they embarked on a mini-epic, with Westwood taking an early and apparently decisive lead by winning three of the first five holes. At that stage McIlroy looked down and out. “You just have to stay patient and hope that something turns for you,” he said afterwards.

So you see, it could be that Rory McIlroy’s drained mental golf game gave the win to Hunter Mahan. McIlroy is known for being one of the best. His loss on Sunday could be because of his lapse of mental toughness. But McIlroy didn’t get to where he is by his inconsistent mental game! He’s known for having one of the sharpest mental  games in golf. And just think what kind of focus you need to ward off an opponent like Westwood! That McIlroy got to where he was speaks volumes for his mental game. I”m sure we’ll see him winning much more in the very near future…

McIlroy was only able to beat out Westwood because his mental game was so pristine. If he didn’t focus so much on his mental game – he wouldn’t have been able to deliver when he needed to. Mechanics are important. But your mental game needs constant attention. What are you doing for your mental game? Check out for more information on how to start working on YOUR mental game right now.

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