Help Improve My Mental Golf Game

Mental Golf Game

Help Improve My Mental Golf Game

When you’re feeling bad about your golf game, what do you do?  That’s what Randy Pitti asked at Yahoo! Answers a few days ago. In his words, he wanted to know if “someone [could] help improve my mental golf game?” And how bad was Pitti’s game?  Well here’s how he described it:

Went to the range and was nutting balls over and over again dead straight at targets. Worked balls left and right.

My body felt connected through each shot and my ball flight is a slight fade.

Two days later i went to the course and was absolutely dreadful, couldn’t hit anything.

Snap hooked my irons and just made poor contact and was uncomfortable and unconfident. And most notable felt like my tempo and body were disconnected and just AH!!!!

I’m so heated just thinking about it.

Is this a mental thing?

Because ive felt i make this same disconnected snap hook swing when im struggling and its killing my game.

Pitti was sent a few answers by fellow Yahoo users, all attempting to help out their fellow golfer. My favorite answer came from a Yahoo user known as “DoubleU”. Here’s what he wrote:

Most likely mental.

This is going to sound strange but give it a shot…

Before your next round get no sleep. You’ll be so tired that you won’t think about your swing or your score or even what you are doing.

You’ll just consistently do what your body does to make a good stroke. Do you think about walking? No, you just walk.

Golf should be the same way. The best do, the rest think.

So Pitti asked to: “help improve my mental golf game“? Now I don’t know if I would go out with no sleep the night before, but basically DoubleU is right on target. You see, in all sports, especially golf – the way to play you’re best – is to let your mind take over. The highest level of performance is actually brought out through thoughtless action! In fact, superb athletes are running on automatic pilot. Rory McIlroy doesn’t carefully think out each angle before he takes a shot. He does that when he practices. But when he plays, he lets his mind take over.

They don’t think about connecting the club head with the ball… They “just do it”. When you put on your shoes in the morning, do you think about it? Okay, first the right shoe. Slip on right shoe. Pick up laces. Make the knot. Tighten. Now the left… You’d never be on time for work. Or anything!

Top golf pros let their unconscious mind take over. Why? Your body already knows how to swing a club. And you’ve had some great shots in the past – so you know that you have the ability to hit well. You just have to make it happen more often. And the way to do it is to master your mental game. If you learn the right mental skills, your best performance will “kick in” automatically. This is often what people refer to as playing “in the zone”.

That’s where Golfersmind comes in. I’ll teach you how to tap into the power of your own mind and play your best. And since I want you to play your best, consistently – I’ve plastered a money-back guarantee on the site. If you don’t get the results you wanted – I don’t want to hold onto your money. So, if you want to skyrocket your results and start playing in the zone – you gotta check out Golfersmind:

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