Kyle Stanley Makes a Comeback with Mental Golf

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Kyle Stanley Makes a Comeback with Mental Golf

Kyle Stanley had a brutal loss at the Farmers Insurance Open (last month). Remember Stanley’s lead going into the final day of the tournament? He was  six strokes ahead. But then he had a triple-bogey – twice! And he missed a  five-foot putt. Those gave the win to Brandt Snedeker. How did Stanley respond? He had a meltdown. That’s where his Stanley’s mental performance coach, Morris Pickens, stepped in. Pickens enabled that Kyle Stanley makes a comeback with mental golf.

You may have heard of Pickens. He’s been a mental coach for golfers for nearly a decade now. He helped Zach Johnson win the Masters (back in 2007). And he’s got a a handful of players on currently in tour who he’s worked with. So when Stanley was experiencing emotional trauma, he turned to Pickens. See this excerpt from Bob Gillespie, writer for The State, where he lets us in on what was said:

So what did he say to Stanley after his San Diego meltdown?

“We talked that night, and I said, ‘I know it hurts, but you’ll be fine,’” Pickens said. “I said, ‘It’s better to get in contention, and collapse, than not to be in contention.’ “After that, I gave him a couple of days, then we met in Phoenix. I said, ‘Let’s rehash it, go over it … and then let it go.’

We talked about how he handled the week, his first time in the heat (of contention), and I said, ‘You don’t get to choose when bad things happen — you only choose how you respond.’ “At that point, he was OK. He knew his game was still good. We both knew that.”

Pickens really worked with Stanley. And it was only soon afterwards that Stanley dominated at the Waste Management Phoenix Open (which he won). I doubt that without Pickens mental guidance that Stanley would’ve been able to pull that off so soon after his meltdown. They key is that Stanley knew what to do when he reached a low. It’s normal: golfers get frustrated when they play poorly. It’s how you deal with it that determines the results. That’s how Kyle Stanley makes a comeback with mental golf.

You see, when tension builds, the answer is not to refine your swing. You can try new putters all you want – but if you don’t get to the root of the problem then you’ll never be able to play great golf. How do you deal with tension? Are you confident when you play? These are part of the mental side of the game. Start working on it today! Check out: to get going on the road to playing your best!

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