Mental Golf Tips: Get Your Mental Golf Game Up To Par

mental golf tipsWorking on your swing will make you better.  But when you get your mental golf game up to par, that will lower your score even more.

Lisa Mason, writing on Yahoo, put together this collection of mental golf tips.

I am interested in what you think of them….

Get Your Mental Golf Game Up To Par

There is an old golf saying that goes, “Golf is 90 percent mental, and 10 percent mental.”

While it’s meant in jest, there is so much truth to this. Your mental game is so important to how you play as well as to how you enjoy the game. If you’re stressing over how you look, if you’re holding the club correctly or whether or not your ball is going to end up in the woods, it’s going to show in your shot.

Whether you’ve just started playing or been at it for years, your mental game is key. Women sometimes feel less comfortable and more self-conscious on the course than men. This could be because for so long golf was considered a “man’s sport”. However, these feelings can affect your mental game and will affect the way you play. So throw out any notions that you do not belong, hold your head high and own your golf experience.

Here are some other tips to get your mental game up to par:

Think Positive Thoughts: Your mind needs to be on the right things every time you approach your ball. Don’t think about where you don’t want the ball to go or it will end up there every time. Focus instead on where you want to hit the shot.

Focus on the Right Things: Your mind should be thinking about target, club selection, yardage and important things that you can control. Don’t fixate on the ball, the mechanics or other things that will hinder your shot.

Know Your Yardage with Each Club: Take time to learn your average yardages with each club. You don’t want to be standing up to a shot staring at your golf bag trying to figure out which club to select. When you know your yardage, you have the confidence to select the right club to get you the distance you need.

A Bad Shot Isn’t the End: Even the pros have bad shots. If you end up in a messy situation, just get out of it quickly and make up the distance/strokes. Don’t get into a bad mental state and make mistake after mistake.

Avoid Risky Shots You Haven’t Practiced: A competition or playing a round with friends is not the time for practicing. Stick to shots you know and feel confident in. Practice time is for practice; playing is for sticking with what you know.

Get your mental game up to par and you will see results on the scorecard. You will also have more fun golfing because you’ll have your confidence and you’ll enjoy the game for what it is- a game.


What was the mental golf tip above that helped you most?  For me,  it was focus on the right things!

What will it take for you to get your mental golf  game up to par?  Leave your comment below, and we’ll publish an article to help you with exactly your biggest mental golf game challenge.


  1. Avoid risky shots you have not practiced. Sometimes the best thing you can do is take your medicine and hit to a safe lay-up spot for your next shot and minimize damage.


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