Buddhist Philosophy Can Improve Your Mental Golf Game

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Buddhist Philosophy Can Improve Your Mental Golf Game

Working on your mental game is crucial to success in any sport, especially golf. And Dr. Ed Balian knows it too. That’s why he’s recently released his new book “Buddha Plays 18″. Balian stresses turning the theory of playing good golf  into actually playing good golf. But the way that he does that is what grabs me: he uses Buddhist philosophy. That’s why I’m saying that Buddhist philosophy can improve your mental golf game.

Dr. Ron Lake, a psychologist and yoga teacher said about Balian’s book: “The Buddhist concepts of concentration, awareness, correct breathing, mental discipline, visualization — are all vital in golf and in life.” Those lessons are captured in  “Buddha Plays 18.” Lillian Cox, writer for The Coast News, talks about how Balian’s book can help any golfer:

Some golfers carry lucky charms or, like Tiger Woods, wear a favorite-colored shirt to improve their game. Dr. Ed Balian has a different approach.A few years ago he began contemplating what he could learn about golf if he were Buddha’s caddie. Balian shares his experience in an illustrated shot-by-shot account, while playing 18 holes of golf, in the book, “Buddha Plays 18.”Balian says even Tiger Woods could learn a thing or two from Buddha.

“Tiger’s got the physical skills, at the professional caliber, which is why he’s still doing so well,” Balian said. “But he’s lost the concentration.” Balian explained that the problem in western culture is that players emphasize the physical moves, not so much the mental. “The top golfers have it both,” he said. “This book provides help with visualization. It’s the mental picture that helps you create the right mechanics to get to the higher levels of golf.”

In a nutshell, Dr. Ed Balian focuses on conveying visualization techniques for golfers using the principles of Buddhist philosophy. Now does that mean that the only way to improve your mental game is with using applied philosophy? Absolutely not! This is just another avenue available to golfers to help improve their mental game. Buddhist philosophy can improve your mental golf game – but it’s certainly not the only way of doing it.

That’s where Golfersmind comes in. I realize that not everyone wants to use the principles of Buddhist philosophy to improve their game. And I realize that people want fast results. Golfersmind is a special program that was created to improve your mental golf game. It teaches the mental skills you need in a very down to earth manner, without utilizing philosophy. And it’s available in audio format – so you can listen to the whole program in under 2 hours! Take advantage of the winter and work on your mental game from the comfort of your warm home. Check out Golfersmind right here: http://www.golfersmind.com/mental-golf/


  1. THANKS SO MUCH for your wonderful comments about my recent golf book, BUDDHA PLAYS 18. I appreciate your kind words and support! We’ve just picked up some other reviews and strong endorsements from Gary Player’s former swing coach (Peter Beames) and Arnold Palmer is reviewing it currently. The books are going into all 700+ Barnes & Noble stores over the summer (2012) and are at amazon.com and buddhaplays18.com We’ve had a few radio interviews and newspaper articles regarding the book and the momentum is still building. THANKS SO MUCH FOR YOUR SUPPORT! ==Dr. Ed Balian

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