Why Golfers Neglect Their Mental Golf Game

Neglect Mental Game

Why Golfers Neglect Their Mental Golf Game

When practicing, people often stress the mechanical part of golf above the mental aspect to the game. And that’s bad. Why? Because the mental side of golf is so much more important. As I often quote Jim Flick, master golf teacher with 53 years experience, “Golf is 90 percent mental, and the other 10 percent is mental.” In other words, once you have the mechanics down, you’ve only just begun. The real golf game takes place in the mind. Even people who agree with what I’m still don’t seem to put in the effort to work on their mental game. It’s hard to understand why golfers neglect their mental golf game.

Neal Granville, golf pro and coach at the Sandford Springs Golf Club, knows what I’m talking about. He wrote an article lamenting how golfers – even those who know that the mental part of golf is so important – don’t seem to be spending enough time on their mental game:

When I run it always amazes me how mental strength plays such a big part. Sure, you have to have a level of fitness but also you have to have the will and desire to get out there, as well as a mental toughness to complete it, keep going, go faster or beat a personal best.

Golf is certainly no different in that there is a physical element to the game; swinging the club and creating golf shots. But, we all know that the few inches between the ears plays a massive part. I think golf is a really demanding sport mentally. We have to deal with swing thoughts, doubt, fear, tension, and we also have time between shots to think about all of those things as well. My point to all of this is, that as golfers, we all know how much the mental game plays a part in good and bad golf, but what do we do to practice and improve it?

Can I tell you why golfers neglect their mental golf game? Well, I would think that a major reason that people don’t work on their mental game is because they think it will take a lot of time and be very hard to do. Not only that – but they also have to head out to a golf club (multiple times a week) to meet with someone who will charge them a ton in order to achieve success.

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