With Mental Golf, Rory McIlroy Overcomes Pressure to Become the World’s Best

McIlroy Overcomes Pressure

With Mental Golf, Rory McIlroy Overcomes the Pressure to World's Best

Rory McIlroy is now the the 16th player to reach the world golf rankings’ #1 position (and he is the 2nd youngest at the top, after Woods who was 21 years old). And McIlroy earned his new title as best in the world through his putting yesterday at The Honda Classic. He had a 13-foot par putt (2nd hole), an 8-foot par putt (5th hole), and he two-putted from 54 feet (6th hole). In the end, he carded a 69 for a 12-under total. But more impressive is that he pulled it off despite the overhanging pressure of gaining the #1 title and beating out a ferocious Tiger Woods. Indeed, with mental golf, Rory McIlroy overcomes pressure to become the world’s best.

Trying to gain the #1 position, meant the world to McIlroy: “It was always a dream of mine to become the world No. 1 and the best player in the world or whatever you want to call it…” Imagine the tension he could’ve felt out on the course on Sunday. And the world’s new #1 player (Rory McIlroy) also had to hold off the world’s old #1 player (Tiger Woods). And Woods certainly provided the pressure with his birdie-eagle finish for a 62 (making things pretty tight for McIlroy). What did McIlroy have to say about it?

“I could hear the huge roar, and it definitely wasn’t a birdie roar.” (referring to hearing the crowd after Woods landed an eagle)

“I heard the roar on 18 when Tiger made eagle and I was just about to line up my putt for birdie on 13.”

“It was tough today, especially seeing Tiger make a charge. I knew par golf would probably be good enough. To shoot 1 under in these conditions…”

So how did McIlroy rise to victory against Woods and his own nerves? With mental golf, Rory McIlroy overcomes pressure to become the world’s best. You see, he’s learned to control his mental side of golf. When you’ve conquered your mental game – you don’t get stressed out. Pros like McIlroy know that the key to great golf is to shut out all negative thoughts that prevent you from playing your best. If you just took a bad shot, the WORST thing you can do is to think about it. You see, thinking about your bad shot will ruin the rest of your game! You have to break your pattern of thinking negatively.

That’s why Fuzzy Zoeller whistles while he sets up his shot – he’s calming his mind. Now it doesn’t matter to me if you whistle all the time. Just break up the pattern. Tell yourself a joke – anything to interrupt your pattern of inner negative self-talk. When you break up your negative thoughts – you’re free to play your best – without your mind holding you back! Want to learn how to EASILY conquer your mental game in just 2 hours? Check out: http://www.golfersmind.com/mental-golf/


  1. the club is clearly outidse of his hands, he drops the club back on plane when hes on his down swing, IF YOUR REALLY THAT FUCKING RETARDED to realize that, if he where to put the position of the dowsing on the same position he doesn’t on the back swing he will be hitting cuts all the time, this isn’t one plane at all, i can even see it in real time motion when hes playing a tournament and forget the shoulder plane that has nothing to do with one plane, look at tigers new swing

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