Mental Golf and Tiger Woods

mental golf and Tiger woodsThe sad story of Tiger over the last two years proves one thing.  Mental golf and Tiger Woods recent decline from “best ever” to ordinary PGA pro will forever be linked together.

It was Tiger’s mental edge that set him apart before his public humiliation.  And now that he has lost his mental edge, the rest of his game shows him to be an outstanding pro… but that’s all.

Here’s what Matt Swan, writing from Winnetka has to say,

In today’s “now’’ driven society, golf’s young guns – Rory McIlroy in particular – have dominated the headlines and overshadowed Tiger’s absence. Whether you like him or not, Tiger Woods remains one of the most compelling figures in the 2011 sports landscape. Since the infamous Thanksgiving incident, controversy has surrounded Tiger and it seems that golfers everywhere outwardly seek opportunities to express their varying opinions on his fall from grace.

The constant chatter surrounding Woods is what makes him such a fascinating sports icon. Unfortunately for Tiger, the recent chatter has not been about his golf game, but instead, his personal life. Obviously, the best way for Tiger to force his toughest critics to concentrate on his golfing more than his “indiscretions” would be a visit to the winner’s circle, in his signature Sunday red.

In his prime, Tiger’s mental edge is what set him apart from the rest of the field and created a level of intimidation towards his counterparts. When he used to step onto the first tee, swing coaches, TMZ, paparazzi and caddie limbo were not running through his mind. He simply knew he was going to win or at least give himself a chance to win, every time he teed it up.

Tiger has faced the perfect storm to destroy his mental edge: the media has invaded his previously private life, and his confidence has waned as his body has broken down. While Tiger has certainly brought some of this storm upon himself, it is in the game’s best interest for Tiger to roar back into form this fall. Even though The PGA Tour has introduced drug testing, golf needs a shot in the arm and Tiger is just the man to make it more interesting.

What do you think contributed most to Tiger’s fall?  Do you agree with me that his public humiliation damaged his mental golf game?

Will advances in mental golf and Tiger Woods be linked together forever, as I predict?  Please leave your opinion in the comment area below.


  1. final day of the 2009 pga championship as tiger woods was entering the clubhouse that morning a young boy handed tiger a hat to sign. tiger arrogantly ignored the boy, i knew then his days were numbered, which was made evident by his first loss when leading going into the final round. i told my friend then he would never win again. so far my prediction has not been wrong. tiger his learning the higher you go up the longer the fall.

  2. Very accurate observation. Tiger has lost the mental fortitude he personified in his glory days. Now, every single living moment, he’s focused on everything but the shot he’s about to play. Sad, and for his sake and that of the sport, I do hope he can overcome the superhuman challenge and show the world that his mental game isn’t dead. Perhaps he needs to go through some form of purification or the spirit and soul. Perhaps he needs to convince himself that he deserves a second chance!

  3. Absolutely! What is in his thoughts reflects in his game.


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