Can Tiger Woods Make a Comeback with Mental Golf

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Can Tiger Woods Make a Comeback with Mental Golf

Are we going to see the return of Tiger Woods? I think it’s possible, but only if he keeps his mental game going strong. Round 1 of the Cadillac Championship at Doral is over. And Woods’ performance so far? Not the greatest… His putts and tee shots have been lacking. And there’s also been noticeable signs of aggravation. Last week, he was optimistic and pleasant. Unfortunately, this doesn’t look like a repeat of his last round at the Honda Classic. So I’m waiting to see: can Tiger Woods make a comeback with mental golf?

Tim Daniels, writer for Bleacher Report, mentions (in his article) how Woods is runs purely off his mental game. That’s how he used to do it and that’s what he needs to do now:

It might seem like a minor factor, but when it comes to Tiger, his mental approach is more important than anything else. Back when he was virtually unstoppable, he had a mindset that nobody was going to beat him. Even when he didn’t come out on top, he usually attributed it to shots he missed and not great play from a competitor.

There were brief glimpses of that version of Woods last week, but they weren’t as prominent during the first round on Thursday. So as he returns to the course for Round 2, and potentially the weekend, it’s important that Woods keeps his head on straight. He needs to focus on all of the strides that have been made and not some of the problems he endured yesterday. He’d be much better off pretending like it didn’t happen at all and entering today with a fresh outlook. Get back to hitting fairways and everything else will fall into place eventually. If he starts trying to micromanage his game, things will only get worse.

So can Tiger Woods make a comeback with mental golf? If he takes Daniels’ advice. If Woods wants to stand a chance at playing his best, he’s going to have to put the first round behind him and focus on the rest of the tourny. Why? What happens when you’re getting ready to take a shot, but you’re still upset about the way the last one turned out? You hit one SMACK onto the rough! And it’s because you can’t be confident when you’re feeling upset about you’re performance.

What can you do when you’re in a situation like that? Just stop for a minute. Then go ahead and whistle a few bars of “I’ve been working on the railroad”. (Can’t whistle? Humming will work too.) Now, picture your next shot, and know that you will absolutely, without a doubt, hit the ball precisely where you want it to be. The pros know all these shortcuts to amazing golf. It’s up to Woods to use them. Now, what are YOU doing about your mental game? You too can start to play “in the zone” when you step onto the course. In just 2 hours, you can learn to control your mental game! Check out:

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