Adjusting Tee Height and Your Mental Golf Game

Adjust Tee Height

Adjusting Tee Height and Your Mental Golf Game

What’s one small detail that could make (or break) your game? Well, did you know if you don’t tee your ball at the correct height – you’ll lose distance, height, and accuracy?! In fact, some of your hooks and slices may not be your swing – it may be your tee! Why shouldn’t you always be teeing up the ball at the same height? Well, your driver isn’t same size or height as the other woods in your bag. So, you shouldn’t treat each club the same. So now you’re aware that you need to know about adjusting tee height and your mental golf game.

Alan Bastable, writer for Golf Magazine, has an article about an experiment that was conducted to analyze the effect of tee height. The experiment was put together by Eric Alpenfels (a GOLF Magazine Top 100 Teacher) and Bob Christina, Ph.D. See what they found out:

You’re on the tee of a brutal 470-yard par 4 and really need to bust one if you’re going to get home in two. What’s your swing key? One thing you’re probably not thinking about is how high you teed your ball. But you should be. Tweaking your tee height, it turns out, can be one of the best—and easiest—adjustments you can make to pound higher and longer drives […]

Within each of the three handicap levels, carry distance for mid- and high-tee heights was significantly longer than the low-tee height, largely an effect of the higher tees promoting higher launch angles and less spin. The high tee height provided the most distance, giving the players an average of 12 yards more carry per drive than the low tee height […] The high-handicappers benefited the most from the high tee height, picking up an average of 18 yards over their drives on the low tee height! […] For a 6-iron through wedge, bury the tee in the ground so you can see only its head. For longer irons, leave about a 1/4-inch of the tee above the ground. For hybrids and fairway woods, leave about 1/2-inch of the tee above the ground.

This is all good, but why am I – the mental golf expert – telling you about the importance of tee-height? Because I want to give over the following priceless advice. Whenever people hear of a new way to improve their golf game, they react like this: “I knew the key to my success was perfecting my tee-height”… “Aha! So I just need to purchase this club, and then I’ll play my best!”… “Hey! In order to play like the pros all I have to do is get those special golf shoes?!” But that is not the case at all. You need to know about adjusting tee height AND your mental golf game.

Look, playing with the right gear can help a lot… And knowing all about tee height is important… But don’t be fooled – these won’t get you playing your best, consistently! More than the tee, the club, and the shoes – is the mindset of the golfer hitting the ball. The right gear and the wrong mindset is a sure path to failure. It’s the combination of both that is the key to winning golf.

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