Mental Golf Keeps You Focused

Stay Focused with Mental Golf

Mental Golf Keeps You Focused

What’s keeping golfers from playing their “A” game when they’re out on the course? It should just be you out there – “in the zone” and playing your best… So what is it? Golfers can’t focus. Whether they’re distracted with emotions, pain, stress, sights, sounds… (Need I remind you of what’s out there?) It’s always something that prevents you from getting the shot you want… But mental golf keeps you focused!

Back in September of 2010, Butch Harmon shared some secrets for how to distract and shake up your golf opponents. These are tips that Phil Mickelson and Tiger Woods use when they’re out on the course. So what are they?  Steve Elling, for CBSSports, lists them here:

Before large galleries, when on the green, Woods will often putt out first. That means the crowd moves to the next tee while the other player is still finishing the hole, creating an annoying distraction.

Woods likes to lag back and get to the tee box second, so that the crowd screams loudest, and last, for him.

Harmon said Woods intentionally walks quickly when playing with slow players and slowly when playing with fast competitors. Most people would never notice.

Harmon said Woods sometimes hits 3-wood off the tee on driver holes, just to make the other player have to stand around for a few minutes. “You have your momentum and adrenaline going, and he slows down and makes you wait,” the coach said.

OK. So practically what can you do to stay focused? Well, here’s a quick tip about focus… We’ve all experienced a bad putt. That 1-foot stinker that really ruined your day and had you grumbling all the way home that evening. That one bad shot made you all tense, caused you to lose focus on the rest of your game, and probably ruined several shots after it. How did that one putt go so bad? Bad putts like this one are often due to thinking ahead. Greg Norman once said, “If you entertain the possibility of a ‘next’ putt, you’re not focusing on sinking the one you have.” When you approach a shot, don’t think of what you’ll be faced with should the ball roll past the cup by a foot. If you don’t focus on this putt, you’re just cheating yourself out of your full attention and you’re already hung up on something that has yet to come. This is one example of how mental golf keeps you focused!

Sometimes we let ourselves lose focus out on the course. Honestly, it’s tough to focus out there. Shot after shot. Is there a way that you get “in the zone” and just stay there without being yanked out by the sound of every passing golf cart? There is! You can learn all the techniques you need to master your ability to focus at Golfersmind in just 2 hours! Let Golfersmind lower your golf score – automatically. See for yourself at:

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