Can Tiger Woods Overcome Obstacles with Mental Golf?

Tiger Woods Overcome Obstacles

Can Tiger Woods Overcome Obstacles with Mental Golf?

The Masters is only days away, but Tiger Woods has a few obstacles standing in between him and a victory. So I’m asking: can Tiger Woods overcome obstacles with mental golf? Now statistically Woods’s game is pretty close to what it was a few years ago when he was hot. Did you know that he ranks 1st (this year) in the PGA’s all-around category? So what obstacles am I referring to? One major obstacle is his age. His body is just not what it used to be. He’s got troubled heals, a “fixed” knee, and pain.

Michael Bamberger, senior writer for Sports Illustrated, discusses what Woods is up against:

Golf has had older 36-year-olds, though not many. Seve was pretty much done at 36. Hogan was 36 when a Greyhound bus nearly killed him, but he still won—and won big—after that when his body cooperated. Tiger will keep winning too, most likely at places that are loaded with good vibes for him, like Bay Hill and Doral and Firestone, tried-and-true Tour stops. If he’s going to get to 18 major titles—Big Jack’s final resting place—he will be particularly dependent on the courses where he has already won, where his cunning ways will give him an edge over ever-longer brazen youths like Rory.

But how many major cracks will he get at Pebble Beach and St. Andrews and Torrey Pines and a few other happy hunting grounds over the next decade? Maybe a half dozen. His annual tour at Augusta National will make or break him, assuming his body holds up. If you were on the 12th tee on Sunday at Doral when Tiger suddenly packed it in, you couldn’t doubt that he was in pain. His face was contorted, and he didn’t even discuss the possibility of playing on.

What else is against Woods? His mental game. Pro golfer Dottie Pepper (she won 2 majors and 17 LPGA Tour events when she was competing) maintains that “There’s nothing wrong with Tiger’s swing.” How does she know? Well, she covered Woods for NBC Sports and the Golf Channel around 6 times this year. She’s gotten to see him right up close. So what’s his problem? About a week ago (before his recent win) Pepper offered that “The problem is he just hasn’t played enough to be sharp when he gets in contention.” In other woods, he needs to be able to focus when the pressure sets in. Okay, but can Tiger Woods overcome obstacles with mental golf?

Well, there’s a lot a pro can do for both their physical problems as well as for their mental focus. The question is: will they be proactive and deal with it? Woods seems to be playing things pretty careful when it comes to his injuries. And his mental game? Well after his recent win at Bay Hill, I think that he’s been working at his mental game too. At least enough to beat out the other best pros in the game. But that’s all he needs… Did you know that if you’re having trouble focusing out on the course – you can work on your swing all you want but you’ll never solve your real problem!? So I ask you: Are you working on your mental game? Get started right now:

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