Bobby Jones on the Importance of Mental Golf

While everyone acknowledges the greatness of Tiger Woods, older golfers might label Bobby Jones as the greatest golfer of all time.  Bobby Jones accomplished the incredible feat of winning the Grand Slam in golf – all the major tournaments in a single year.  Bobby wrote extensively about his swing and coaches have talked about his swing for many years but one item is being neglected and that is Bobby Jones on the Importance of Mental Golf.

Bobby Jones at Age 14. Photo from Wikipedia

In a long out of print book by golf great Gene Sarazan, he asked Bobby for his thoughts on the subject.

Bobby Jones on the Importance of Mental Golf


IN a recent chat with Bobby Jones, I asked him what importance he gave to the mental side of golf. The ardor of his answer left no room for doubt, as he shot back, “It’s the biggest end of the game!” And in talking over the subject with the professionals, they were as emphatic in insisting on the vital part the mental plays in shot-making. In fact, of the many golfers interviewed, including some of the biggest names in golf, I have yet to find one who does not give the mental an essential place in the game.

Here’s a video showing Bobby Jones swing in slow motion. Unfortunately, it doesn’t show the mental thoughts guiding the swing.

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