Luke Donald’s Mental Golf Trick

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Luke Donald's Mental Golf Trick

How will the world’s #1 ranked player come out at the Masters? Luke Donald may be number one, but he’s going to have to put in an extreme effort if he wants to secure a win. Does he have anything up his sleeve? Yes, he does. He’s got a glistening mental game. Rory McIlroy himself said about Donald, “You have to be mentally so good to grind out [Donald’s] level of consistency.” Pro golfer Alvaro Quiros also praised Donald’s ability to “feel so good under pressure.” But there’s something else… Luke Donald’s mental golf trick.

Oliver Brown, writer for the Telegraph, talks about Donald’s instant confidence booster, his notebook:

Last year all the hours sacrificed on the range yielded reward as Donald struck a seam of metronomic brilliance. The breakthrough was born of a fusion of uncommon talent, fearsome work ethic, and enhanced mental fortitude. It was the third of these attributes that proved hardest to come by, owing much to the ‘little black book’ Donald has carried with him of late. The book is best defined as a diary, inscribed with motivational wisdom that helps the No 1 reaffirm a belief in his own pre-eminence. At The Masters 12 months ago, he employed it as a crutch, promising himself that he would defy a traditional Augusta hex in winning both the par-three competition and the tournament itself. “I always keep writing down positives,” he says. “For example: ‘Six birdies in a row.’ It’s something that I continue to do to this day.”

The trick echoes a method used by Serena Williams at Wimbledon at 2007, when she would scribble ‘You are No 1’ in her on-court notebook, and is the brainchild of sports psychologist Dave Alred, most renowned for his work with the similarly single-minded Jonny Wilkinson. “Unless it’s backed up by facts, it’s hard to make a difference saying it to yourself. But the better you play, the stronger your mental side is. “There are times when positive reinforcement is really important […].”

Luke Donald has tapped into something big. By writing these down and giving himself positive reinforcement when he needs it most… it’s like an injection of confidence. I call it: Luke Donald’s mental golf trick. Tiger Woods wears a red shirt and Donald has his notebook.

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