Advice to Rory McIlroy: Work On Mental Golf Game

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Advice to Rory McIlroy: Work On Mental Golf Game

What are the odds that Rory McIlroy will win the Masters? Based on his record, I’d say pretty darned high. But let’s go back one year, to last year’s Masters. Remember how McIlroy had a one-shot lead and then followed it up with a  triple-bogey at the 10th? And it was all downhill from there, giving Charl Schwartzel the opportunity to win. Will we be seeing a repeat or will McIlroy be able to one-up himself? That’s why my advice to Rory McIlroy: work on mental golf game!

You see, when he approaches the 10th again, he’s got to overcome last year’s mistake. He has to approach it without being distracted by his past blunder. Oliver Brown, writer for the The Telegraph, quotes Pro Golfer Colin Montgomerie (who’s got an astounding record of 31 wins on the European Tour) on this point:

“I hope that he hits as many shots off that tee in practice as possible and gets it out of the way,” the Scot said of McIlroy, who has headed to Augusta this week for his first look at the course set-up. “That’s the shot everybody will be focusing on come Thursday, and let’s hope he gets rid of that. It was just a poor shot at the wrong time. He’s a much more mature player than he was a year ago.”

Montgomerie predicted that McIlroy would not be afflicted by memories of his unspectacular unravelling 12 months ago, when he frittered away a four-shot advantage with a final round of 80. Pointing to the Ulsterman’s subsequent triumph at Congressional, he said: “I think those demons were put to rest at the US Open straight afterwards. I mean, the kid dominated seven of the eight first rounds of last year’s major season.”

Let’s hope Montgomerie’s right. I want to see McIlroy move past this. But he’s only going to do it if he takes Montgomerie’s tip: hit as many shots off that tee in practice as possible. In other words, make it automatic and build feelings of confidence at that tee. Basically, Montgomerie’s advice to Rory McIlroy: work on mental golf game!

You see, one of the keys to getting confident and training your mind is to show yourself that you can do it. Did I tell you about the time that pro Gary Player was at Greensboro, and he was on a practice green practicing 18-inch putts. He had 100 balls and he was putting one after another into the hole. “What are you practicing for?” someone asked, “Obviously you never miss them”. “That’s right,” Gary Player said, “But I’ll tell you what. The greatest thing for putting is confidence, and the greatest thing for confidence is watching that ball go into the hole. I stand here until my confidence is high. The subconscious is watching that ball go into the hole.” Get going on your way to playing your best golf. Learn other ways to boost your confidence right here:


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