Low Cost Mental Golf Program

low cost mental golf program

Are you looking for a low cost mental golf program? If you are like me, you know that improving your swing is important.  You also probably know that using some kind of mental golf training program will lower your score too. Sure, you could take some expensive mental golf training program in Florida, but who has the time for that? Here's a recent news article about the importance of improving your mental game. Mental Strength In Sports Training Of all the skills that athletes … [Read more...]

Mental Golf Training For Complete Beginners

mental golf for complete beginners

Idea -- what about mental golf training for complete beginners? I was at the driving range yesterday, and two young women in their 20's were taking their first golf lesson next to me.  Both these women had never held a club in their hands before, and yet they both had an outstanding attitude and mental approach to learning the game.  I know the Pro, (Mike Olmstead), so later I asked him what he thought about creating a program of mental golf training for complete beginners. Now, … [Read more...]

Mental Golf Training Software, Pro Mental Coach

Mental Golf

Here at GolfersMind.com we are constantly testing and evaluating all kinds of mental golf training software.  Pro Mental Coach was recently written up in USA Today, and has been getting some buzz around the internet too, so we're going to take a closer look at it. Why is mental golf training so important? Because golf, perhaps more than any other sport, demands more of your mind than your physical skills. Here's what Pro Golfer Tom Murphy says: “Let’s face it, 95 percent of this game … [Read more...]

Pro Mental Coach Review–Does It Live Up To The Hype?

Golf really is a mental game.  That’s why we have decided to review all the mental golf training programs,  In this Pro Mental Golf Review, we will look at the claims made for the newly released Pro Mental Coach. Pro Mental Coach Review Brain Center International (BCI) - creator of science-based interactive brain fitness programs - introduces Pro Mental Coach, golf's first mental coaching software created to help players master the game, play smarter and lower scores. Part of … [Read more...]

Mental Golf: The Role Of Emotions In Golf

the role of emtions in golf - bob murphy

You simply cannot over-state the importance of the role of emotions in golf!   "In the past, I would've stayed mad for four holes, but that was everything I promised myself I wasn't going to do when I came out on the Senior Tour.   About midway through last year [1994], I made up my mind that I was going to play golf and enjoy it."   Bob Murphy 1995 When Bob Murphy changed his emotional response to his golf game, great things happened.  He went on to win four times in … [Read more...]

Mental Golf: Dustin Johnson Stays Strong


One of the best examples of strong mental golf – Dustin Johnson is golf’s new symbol of resilience, according to this article by Jeff Rude in GolfWeek. Golf’s new symbol of resilience, the heavyweight without a glass jaw, Dustin Johnson keeps taking big punches and getting back up, seemingly unfazed except by the lessons. He played in the final twosome in half of the past six major championships and, in dramatic but varied fashion, came up short each time. Some see growing pains. At 27, he … [Read more...]

Mental Golf and Tiger Woods


The sad story of Tiger over the last two years proves one thing.  Mental golf and Tiger Woods recent decline from “best ever” to ordinary PGA pro will forever be linked together. It was Tiger’s mental edge that set him apart before his public humiliation.  And now that he has lost his mental edge, the rest of his game shows him to be an outstanding pro… but that’s all. Here’s what Matt Swan, writing from Winnetka has to say, In today’s “now’’ driven society, golf’s young guns – … [Read more...]

Mental Golf Tips: Get Your Mental Golf Game Up To Par

mental golf tips

Working on your swing will make you better.  But when you get your mental golf game up to par, that will lower your score even more. Lisa Mason, writing on Yahoo, put together this collection of mental golf tips. I am interested in what you think of them.... Get Your Mental Golf Game Up To Par There is an old golf saying that goes, "Golf is 90 percent mental, and 10 percent mental." While it's meant in jest, there is so much truth to this. Your mental game is so important to how you … [Read more...]

He Improved His Game By 11 Strokes – And You Can Too

Mental Golf - Improve your score by 11 strokes or more

  I just received this testimonial in the mail. I had consistently been beaten time after time by a close business acquaintance/friend of mine.  No matter which course, playing conditions or other factors.  He would manage to better me by anywhere from about 4 strokes to as many as 14 or more. Now, I know I can hit the ball as well as him, because many times I'll have that … [Read more...]

Golfers Mind: Even Phil Mickelson Needs Help With His Mental Golf Game

Phil Michelson still needs help with his mental golf game.

Are you still missing the easiest shots?  So is Phil Mickelson ... even Phil Mickelson needs help with his mental golf game. Phil missed a 3-footer on the 11th hole of The Championships recently, and he blames that one miss for losing the tournament. "I just let my mind slip [and] started thinking ahead as opposed to focusing on the putt," Mickelson confided to Charlie Rose in a televised interview on Monday (golf clap to Jay Busbee for the tip). "I started thinking about the 12th hole. I’m … [Read more...]