The Importance of the Mental Golf Game

Importance of Mental Golf

I just watched a fantastic video put out by about the importance of the mental golf game. In the video, they stress that pressure, distraction, and confidence all play a crucial role in how you play golf. In fact, pro golfer Steve Marino mentioned that 95% of the game is mental. Dr. Leif Smith, sports psychologist for Ohio State University, singled out the mental game as being that which distinguishes between good players and great players. What advice did they have to offer? They … [Read more...]

Luke Donald’s Mental Golf Game Prevents Him from Winning a Major

Donald Major Mental

With the 2012 Open Championship coming up in just a few days, some are wondering if it'll be another loss for the world's number one player. Luke Donald is set to play at Royal Lytham & St Annes Golf Club (in Lytham St Annes, Lancashire, England). But how will he perform? As strange as it sounds, the same Donald who has spent around 150 weeks in the top-10 limelight and has accrued a number of impressive awards - has yet to win a major. How is that?! Well, Luke Donald's mental golf game … [Read more...]

Na Yeon Choi Wins the U.S. Women’s Open with Mental Golf

Choi Wins U.S. Open Mental

24-year-old pro golfer Na Yeon Choi recently won the 2012 U.S. Women's Open (at Blackwolf Run in Kohler, Wisconsin). It was particularly a big win for Choi, as it was also her 1st win at a major. But what really interests me about Choi is her strategy... You see, she's PURE mental golf. I really mean it when I say that Na Yeon Choi wins the U.S. Women's Open with mental golf. How is she pure mental golf? Well, when she plays golf in a tournament, she implements one of mental golf's best … [Read more...]

Inconsistent Golf Comes from Ignoring Your Mental Golf Game

Inconsistent Golf Woods

Inconsistent golf comes from ignoring your mental golf game! Let me explain by focusing on Tiger Woods... What's next for Woods? It's hard to tell. About a week ago, he brought in a win at the AT&T National (and simultaneously earned his 74th PGA Tour win, which surpassed Nicklaus's number of PGA Tour wins). But then Woods' recent cut (on Friday) from the Greenbrier Classic seems not to fit in. So is Woods playing well or not? On the one hand, he's currently the only player with three … [Read more...]

Yani Tseng’s Slump Due to Ignoring the Basics of Mental Golf

Tseng Slump Golf Mental

Yani Tseng is a wonderful golfer. I've written about her on numerous occasions describing her glistening mental game. But this is the first time I'm compelled to discuss the "other side" of her mental game (or lack thereof). Tseng is known for winning. But need I remind you that her last LPGA title that she clinched was months ago? And her most recent 54-hole cut had fellow golfers concerned about her. This doesn't seem to be the same Tseng. What's changed? I think that Yani Tseng's slump due to … [Read more...]

Without Mental Golf, Even the Greatest Athletes Get Tight

Jordan gets tight

Without mental golf, even the greatest athletes get tight. How do I know that? Well, do you remember the 2009 US Open Challenge with Ben Roethlisberger, Michael Jordan, Justin Timberlake, and (contest winner) Larry Geibelhausen? Although Michael Jordan is oft said to be one of the world's greatest athletes, from his performance that day you wouldn't know it... Jordan teed up to the first hole and hooked it WAY out left. He then followed up with a triple bogey for the hole. And a double bogey on … [Read more...]

Effective Practicing with Mental Golf

Effective Practicing

Effective practicing with mental golf. How do you practice? Some people head over to the range and smack one ball right after the other. They're not really thinking about much else other than knocking their ball into oblivion. Perhaps you've seen golfers like this that go out to the range and furiously pound away at one ball after the next. Other golfers only focus on mechanics. Who's right? Honestly, both of these approaches are wrong. You have to make sure that you're practicing effectively. … [Read more...]

Mental Golf Teaches How to Play in the Zone

Lehman Play Zone

Mental golf teaches how to play in the zone, and I'll tell you how... To date, Golf pro Tom Lehman has earned 29 professional wins. But the win that I want to draw your attention to his only major: the 1996 British Open. What’s so special about it? You see, about one month before he landed his major, Lehman lost the US Open at Oakland Hills to Steve Jones by ONE STROKE. He must have been real upset. I dug up an article by Jaime Diaz (writer for SI) referring to that sour day for Lehman:  [...] … [Read more...]

Annika Sorenstam’s Mental Golf Lesson

Sorenstam Mental Golf

I was reminiscing about LPGA Tour legend Annika Sorenstam. Why do I say "legend"? With 89 total career wins (including 72 LPGA wins and 10 Major wins), I feel like she can be called a legend. Okay, but do you remember her last tournament? I want to call your attention to her very last round of golf…her very last shot... It's there that you'll learn Annika Sorenstam's mental golf lesson. Now the day before her last shot, she finished with a 75 - which pretty much destroyed her chances of … [Read more...]

Mental Golf Tip: Watch Your Language

Mental Golf Language

A powerful mental golf tip: watch your language! You see, language has a direct effect on your golf game. If you are using the wrong kind of language, it is damaging your score. The wrong kind of language is when you say something like: “I hope my game will improve”. Is your game really going to improve? No. All you said is just that you are going to sit around and “hope” that it does. Are you “trying” to improve your golf game? Do you know what it means to “try”? When you use the word “try”, … [Read more...]