The Mind is the Greatest Club in Your Golf Bag

The Mind is the Greatest Club in Your Golf Bag

They're back! Awhile ago, I wrote an article about how aliens left their golf clubs behind when they visited planet Earth. What did I mean by that? You see, golf equipment in general, and clubs in specific, have become so technologically complex. I love how someone once described how some clubs “defy physics” nowadays. I was just looking at a fairly new hybrid that comes with either a Matrix RocketFuel 80-gram or Matrix Altus 85-gram TP shaft. Does my shaft have “Matrix RocketFuel”? If not, … [Read more...]

Golf Legend Gary Player’s Advice for Golfers

Golf Legend Gary Player's Advice for Golfers

Does golf legend Gary Player need an introduction? Does this winner of 24 PGA tournaments and 9 Majors (including 3 Masters) need a quick opener before I discuss his recent comments? I’m going to assume not. (Honestly, that’s the safer way of doing things too! The last thing I need is avid Player fans breathing down my neck about how I didn’t accurately describe his greatness!) This past Friday, he chatted with ESPN’s SportsNation. There, they discussed many items of interest. Among them, if … [Read more...]

The Man Without Vision and His Mental Golf Lesson

Not See Golf

The man without vision and his mental golf lesson... The Harvard Medical School published some startling research about a man known only as “TN”. You see, TN was left blind after a series of strokes and yet somehow, he can still see. TN’s actual eyes are unharmed from the strokes; it’s his brain that was damaged and can’t process the visual information sent to him by his eyes. Still, when scientists set up an obstacle course of boxes, wastebaskets, and other items in order to block TN’s path… TN … [Read more...]

Playing on Automatic Pilot with Mental Golf


                    Playing on automatic pilot with mental golf means that mental golf teaches golfers to play without thinking. Now, sometimes doing without thinking can result in an undesired outcome... Like the story about Travis McKeaveney and Ryan Densmore. A few years ago, these guys stole some car parts from a few automotive businesses in Brandford, CT. As they attempted to make their getaway,they realized … [Read more...]

Angel Cabrera’s Mental Golf Lesson

Cabrera Golf Lesson

                                    What's Angel Cabrera's mental golf lesson? I want to take a minute to focus on Argentine professional golfer, Angel Cabrera. Cabrera has pulled in 46 professional wins over the last 20 years. And among them is his win at the Masters that I want to talk about... Back in 2009, Cabrera came out ahead of golf’s greatest … [Read more...]

Fly-fishing and Your Mental Golf Game

Fly-fish and Golf

What do pro golfers do to get away from it all? Go ahead and guess. If you guessed fly-fishing, you were right! Pro golfers like Tiger Woods, Davis Love III, Mark O’Meara, Paul Azinger, Nick Faldo, Nick Price, Ben Crane, and Jack even Nicklaus get caught up in fly-fishing fever. And as you'll soon see, fly-fishing and your mental golf game go hand in hand... Chris Santella, a writer for the golf blog, talks about the prominence of fly-fishing among pro golfers: The two sports … [Read more...]

Focus and Confidence are Integral to Your Mental Golf Game

Focus Golf Game

Focus and confidence are integral to your mental golf game... Some of the most important aspects of one's mental golf game are confidence and focus. Each of these aspects plays a critical role, not just in terms of the mental game, but consequently in terms of one's overall golf performance. Now I know that I often emphasize their importance in terms of one's mental golf game. But I don't know when I last wrote about how their neglect can undo even the greatest of player's overall golf … [Read more...]

Golf Pros Use Meditation to Boost their Mental Golf Game

Golf Course Mental Golf Game

Do golf pros use meditation to boost their mental golf game? They do! Let me explain by sharing something with you that happened behind the scenes at the recent Open Championship (at Royal Lytham and St Annes)... You may be familiar with 25-year-old pro golfer Anirban Lahiri, as he's claimed two professional wins on the Asian Tour (the Panasonic Open back in 2011 and the SAIL-SBI Open a few months ago). So how did Lahiri come out at the Open? Aside from making the cut (68-72), he landed a … [Read more...]

Mental Golf Lesson from Seve Ballesteros

Seve Mental Golf

It's been over a year since Seve Ballesteros has passed away. So I thought that I would take a minute and share a mental golf lesson from Seve Ballesteros that would encourage us to better our golf games (which shouldn't be too hard when talking about the former world's #1 best player). Now, I want to remind you of one Seve's famous plays... Remember that ’79 British Open where he was ahead by two shots in the final round? And what did he do? He drove his next shot right into the parking … [Read more...]

Mental Golf Can Ease Concerns for Pros at the Open Championship

Mental Game Open

Mental golf can ease concerns for pros at the Open Championship. What concerns am I talking about? Let me tell you. You see, the first Open Championship was played in October of 1860 (at the Prestwick Golf Club in Scotland). And over 150 years later, the 2012 Open Championship will commence on Thursday. Golf pros from all over are sizing up the course at Royal Lytham & St Annes Golf Club (in Lytham St Annes, Lancashire, England). And each golfer has their own foreboding concern. For Bubba … [Read more...]