The Masters Revisited with Mental Golf: Bad Golfing

The Masters Revisited with Mental Golf: Bad Golfing

The Masters revisited with mental golf: bad golfing... Honestly, what comes to mind? If it's something other than Henrik Stenson, we've got to have a talk. He was at the top of the leaderboard until he landed a quadruple-bogey 8 (at the par-4 18th). That was on Thursday. Stenson commented: "Finishing with an 8, I don't think I've ever done that." How did it happen? Stenson explained that "You make a little mistake and then you compound it with another one, and it just keeps on snowballing, and I … [Read more...]

The Masters Revisited with Mental Golf: The Saddest Golfer

Garcia Augusta Mental

The Masters revisited with mental golf: the saddest golfer... Sergio Garcia made me feel so bad for him. After his 3rd round he told reporters: "That's the reality. I'm not good enough and today I know it. I've been trying for 13 years and I don't feel capable of winning. I don't know what happened to me. Maybe it's something psychological. ... After 13 years, my chances are over. I'm not good enough for the majors. That's it." "Everything I say, I say it because I feel it. If I didn't mean … [Read more...]

The Masters Revisited with Mental Golf: Bubba Watson

Watson Golf Mental Augusta

The Masters revisited with mental golf: Bubba Watson... His win at Augusta marked the 4th of his career and it was his 1st major. There's a lot to say about Watson's playing, but I want to focus on that one shot... It was sudden death at the second playoff hole and Watson had a hook - deep in the trees. How did he get the confidence to come out of that? Watson tells us that “The first time I ever worked with my caddie, in Boston, six years ago, I told him, ‘If I have a swing, I’ve got a shot." … [Read more...]

The Masters Revisited with Mental Golf: Tiger Woods

Woods Masters

The Masters revisited with mental golf: Tiger Woods... I predicted Woods would win at Augusta. He was on a high before the tourny saying things like that the best way to work the greens would be to " hit it really close all the time." Didn't he also say that he was "driving the ball much better than I have" and that he's had "some heat behind" his shots? What happened to the Woods we saw at Bay Hill? Instead, we saw a furious Tiger kick his club around 15 yards after a few poor shots. As he … [Read more...]

Low Cost Mental Golf Program

low cost mental golf program

Are you looking for a low cost mental golf program? If you are like me, you know that improving your swing is important.  You also probably know that using some kind of mental golf training program will lower your score too. Sure, you could take some expensive mental golf training program in Florida, but who has the time for that? Here's a recent news article about the importance of improving your mental game. Mental Strength In Sports Training Of all the skills that athletes … [Read more...]

Portland State Golf Team Focuses on Their Mental Golf Game

Vikings Focus Mental Golf

I'm thinking about Portland State University's women’s golf team. Why? Because they place a great deal of emphasis on their mental game. The Vikings coach, Kathleen Takaishi, works with Sport Performance Consultant, Elliott Waksman. Waksman is part of the Sports Psychology Institute of the Northwest. So you see, its no understatement that: Portland State golf team focuses on their mental golf game. Coach Takaishi was concerned: "You're on the course from 5 to 13 hours, depending on whether … [Read more...]

Luke Donald’s Mental Golf Trick

Donald Masters

How will the world's #1 ranked player come out at the Masters? Luke Donald may be number one, but he's going to have to put in an extreme effort if he wants to secure a win. Does he have anything up his sleeve? Yes, he does. He's got a glistening mental game. Rory McIlroy himself said about Donald, “You have to be mentally so good to grind out [Donald's] level of consistency.” Pro golfer Alvaro Quiros also praised Donald's ability to "feel so good under pressure.” But there's something … [Read more...]

Advice to Rory McIlroy: Work On Mental Golf Game

McIlroy Masters Mental

What are the odds that Rory McIlroy will win the Masters? Based on his record, I'd say pretty darned high. But let's go back one year, to last year's Masters. Remember how McIlroy had a one-shot lead and then followed it up with a  triple-bogey at the 10th? And it was all downhill from there, giving Charl Schwartzel the opportunity to win. Will we be seeing a repeat or will McIlroy be able to one-up himself? That's why my advice to Rory McIlroy: work on mental golf game! You see, when he … [Read more...]

Will Keegan Bradley Dominate the Masters with Mental Golf?

Dominate Masters Augusta Bradley

Can 25-year-old Keegan Bradley win at Augusta? You know Bradley. He’s the guy that won at the first major he played in, the 2011 PGA Championship (last August). That puts him in the record books, alongside Francis Ouimet and Ben Curtis (that’s right it only happened two other times in history). He’s also named the PGA Tour 2011 rookie of the year. But will Keegan Bradley dominate the Masters with mental golf? Phil Mickelson voices his opinion about Bradley’s accomplishment of winning in his … [Read more...]

Can Tiger Woods Overcome Obstacles with Mental Golf?

Tiger Woods Overcome Obstacles

The Masters is only days away, but Tiger Woods has a few obstacles standing in between him and a victory. So I'm asking: can Tiger Woods overcome obstacles with mental golf? Now statistically Woods’s game is pretty close to what it was a few years ago when he was hot. Did you know that he ranks 1st (this year) in the PGA's all-around category? So what obstacles am I referring to? One major obstacle is his age. His body is just not what it used to be. He's got troubled heals, a "fixed" knee, and … [Read more...]