Jamie Donaldson Nearly Lands a 59 Due to Mental Golf

Jamie Donaldson Nearly Lands a 59 Due to Mental Golf

What's the lowest 18-hole score ever recorded in the game of golf? Well, I did some research. Basically its VERY rare to get below a 60. The lowest ever? I saw that pro golfer Homero Blancas posted an astounding 55 at the Premier Invitational, in Longview, Texas back in 1962 (that was when he was an amateur). Okay, and the lowest on the PGA tour? Well, over the years, five players carded a 59. And the Welsh pro golfer Jamie Donaldson came close to matching that this past Sunday at the Golf du … [Read more...]

Yani Tseng Dominates at Kia Classic Using Mental Golf

Tseng Dominates Mental Golf

This past Sunday was the Kia Classic where 23-year-old Yani Tseng took hold of her second in-a-row LPGA Tour title. That makes this her third out of five events where she's come out ahead of the competition for a victory. That's not all... But this win made her the second-youngest player to reach 15 LPGA Tour victories - and she's only been on tour for five years. How did Tseng do it? Yani Tseng dominates at the Kia Classic using mental golf. You see, Tseng said of her playing on Sunday: "I … [Read more...]

Tiger Woods Wins at Bay Hill with Mental Golf

Tiger Woods Wins at Bay Hill with Mental Golf

It’s a few days after Tiger Woods’ victory at Bay Hill. Although Woods won a few months ago at the Chevron World Challenge, Sunday’s victory marks his first PGA tour win since September 2009 (that’s 27 tour events since he held a trophy). And Tiger Woods wins at Bay Hill with mental golf. How? You see, he came out ahead despite the terrible playing conditions. Woods himself mentioned that "…it was tough today. It was tough conditions out there, man. Wind was whipping out there. It was … [Read more...]

Ernie Els Needs to Work on His Mental Golf Game

Els Work on Golf Game

Ernie Els is one of the best golfers out there. The World Golf Rankings places him at #62. And at the Transitions Championship, he lived up to that as he came in at a tie for 5th... But I'm concerned about Els. Why? Because of the way he finished the tournament: he missed a three-footer on the final hole. Ouch! Els himself lamented his blunder on his blog: I've said throughout my career that whenever I tee it up I always play to win, so any time I get the opportunity to do that and don't get … [Read more...]

Breaking Boundaries with Mental Golf


Breaking boundaries with mental golf... Firefighter Chris Hickman knows what it means to be a real life superman. A few years ago (in Ocala, Florida), Chris arrived at the scene of an overturned SUV. The Chevrolet Blazer was flipped onto its side with someone’s arm somehow trapped between the vehicle and the pavement. Chris analyzed the situation and then proceeded to actually lift the Blazer about a foot off the ground! At that moment, the other firefighters were able to free the person’s … [Read more...]

Can Tiger Woods Make a Comeback with Mental Golf

Woods Comeback

Are we going to see the return of Tiger Woods? I think it's possible, but only if he keeps his mental game going strong. Round 1 of the Cadillac Championship at Doral is over. And Woods' performance so far? Not the greatest... His putts and tee shots have been lacking. And there's also been noticeable signs of aggravation. Last week, he was optimistic and pleasant. Unfortunately, this doesn't look like a repeat of his last round at the Honda Classic. So I'm waiting to see: can Tiger Woods make a … [Read more...]

Is It Too Early To Say that Tiger Woods is Back with Mental Golf

Too Early Back Woods

Although Tiger Woods didn't win at the Honda Classic, the golf world is buzzing about him. You see, on Sunday he began the final round nine shots back. How did he finish? With a final-round 62, which was 1 shot off from the course-record. And that 62 was also Woods' best round since his last win on the PGA tour. He was also 10 under (tied for 2nd). But what was most stunning was how Woods played... He had tough saves, 4 birdies, and 2 eagles - all in bad weather. Do I need to rant about his … [Read more...]

With Mental Golf, Rory McIlroy Overcomes Pressure to Become the World’s Best

McIlroy Overcomes Pressure

Rory McIlroy is now the the 16th player to reach the world golf rankings' #1 position (and he is the 2nd youngest at the top, after Woods who was 21 years old). And McIlroy earned his new title as best in the world through his putting yesterday at The Honda Classic. He had a 13-foot par putt (2nd hole), an 8-foot par putt (5th hole), and he two-putted from 54 feet (6th hole). In the end, he carded a 69 for a 12-under total. But more impressive is that he pulled it off despite the overhanging … [Read more...]

Buddhist Philosophy Can Improve Your Mental Golf Game

Improve Mind Game Golf

Working on your mental game is crucial to success in any sport, especially golf. And Dr. Ed Balian knows it too. That's why he's recently released his new book "Buddha Plays 18". Balian stresses turning the theory of playing good golf  into actually playing good golf. But the way that he does that is what grabs me: he uses Buddhist philosophy. That's why I'm saying that Buddhist philosophy can improve your mental golf game. Dr. Ron Lake, a psychologist and yoga teacher said about Balian's … [Read more...]

Kyle Stanley Makes a Comeback with Mental Golf

Comeback Stanley Golf

Kyle Stanley had a brutal loss at the Farmers Insurance Open (last month). Remember Stanley's lead going into the final day of the tournament? He was  six strokes ahead. But then he had a triple-bogey - twice! And he missed a  five-foot putt. Those gave the win to Brandt Snedeker. How did Stanley respond? He had a meltdown. That's where his Stanley's mental performance coach, Morris Pickens, stepped in. Pickens enabled that Kyle Stanley makes a comeback with mental golf. You may have heard of … [Read more...]