Golf Legend Gary Player’s Advice for Golfers

Golf Legend Gary Player's Advice for Golfers

Does golf legend Gary Player need an introduction? Does this winner of 24 PGA tournaments and 9 Majors (including 3 Masters) need a quick opener before I discuss his recent comments? I’m going to assume not. (Honestly, that’s the safer way of doing things too! The last thing I need is avid Player fans breathing down my neck about how I didn’t accurately describe his greatness!) This past Friday, he chatted with ESPN’s SportsNation. There, they discussed many items of interest. Among them, if … [Read more...]

Mental Golf Tip: Watch Your Language

Mental Golf Language

A powerful mental golf tip: watch your language! You see, language has a direct effect on your golf game. If you are using the wrong kind of language, it is damaging your score. The wrong kind of language is when you say something like: “I hope my game will improve”. Is your game really going to improve? No. All you said is just that you are going to sit around and “hope” that it does. Are you “trying” to improve your golf game? Do you know what it means to “try”? When you use the word “try”, … [Read more...]

Mental Golf Keeps You Focused

Stay Focused with Mental Golf

What’s keeping golfers from playing their "A" game when they’re out on the course? It should just be you out there – “in the zone” and playing your best... So what is it? Golfers can't focus. Whether they’re distracted with emotions, pain, stress, sights, sounds… (Need I remind you of what’s out there?) It’s always something that prevents you from getting the shot you want... But mental golf keeps you focused! Back in September of 2010, Butch Harmon shared some secrets for how to distract and … [Read more...]

Adjusting Tee Height and Your Mental Golf Game

Adjust Tee Height

What's one small detail that could make (or break) your game? Well, did you know if you don't tee your ball at the correct height - you'll lose distance, height, and accuracy?! In fact, some of your hooks and slices may not be your swing - it may be your tee! Why shouldn't you always be teeing up the ball at the same height? Well, your driver isn't same size or height as the other woods in your bag. So, you shouldn't treat each club the same. So now you're aware that you need to know … [Read more...]

Rory McIlroy’s Mental Golf Advice

Advice from McIlroy

When one of the world's top tennis pros (Caroline Wozniacki) and one of the world's top golf pros (Rory McIlroy) started dating one other, many people were buzzing. My interest in their relationship? It's known that tennis and golf are both mentally demanding sports. I really wanted to know what advice each would impart to the other regarding the mental game. That's why I was so interested in this article that I read at where Wozniacki shared some of Rory McIlroy's mental golf … [Read more...]

Focus on Mental Golf and Golf Fitness During the Winter Months

winter months golf fitness

Some people just don't take advantage of the winter weather. Let's say that you're not going to play a round of golf today... It doesn't mean you're helpless and have to wait until Spring to get back into it! You can develop your skills from the comfort of your home. How? Focus on mental golf and golf fitness during the winter months! There are a few smart guys who take a couple of hours over the cold months to give their game a shot in the arm by working on the most important aspect of the game … [Read more...]

Your Mental Golf Game Will Soar When You’re Confident

Mental Golf Game

At the 2009 3M Championship, two-time Masters champion, Bernhard Langer, eagled his last hole to win the tournament. Remember that? He was standing at the edge of the green when he chipped the ball right into the hole for a distance of about 10 feet. (It was the first eagle to win a tournament in 3 years.) But this shot is more amazing than that… Because Langer knew he was going to eagle - even before he took his shot! After the shot, he mentioned, "Before I played that shot, I told my son, 'I'm … [Read more...]

Mental Golf Helps You Play Your Best at Every Shot


Mental golf helps you play your best at every shot. How? We all take shots that go horribly wrong. What makes the pros great is that they don’t let that shot set a trend. They get right back on track. How? They’ve trained their minds to deal with the tension and frustration. They’ve worked on their mental game to the extent where they are in control of their tension. And when you’re in control, you play like a pro. Here's a little tip… Fact: You can't be upset about your last shot at the same … [Read more...]

Mental Golf: How to Cure The Yips, All By Yourself

Mental Golf Breathing

Be honest. Does this sound familiar: I went from a scratch golfer to an 80 shooter because of the yips. I could get the ball up and down from anywhere and still can - if that feeling doesn't come over me… It is un-explainable to people that don't understand it. People want to talk about techniques, grip, and alignment, but - they have no clue what it is like to feel handcuffed prior to pulling the trigger on a shot. Only those who have experienced this phenomenon can understand that helplessness … [Read more...]

Stop Caring About the Outcome

Mental Golf Outcome

I just read an article about a golfer that picked up on some mental tips and found his game skyrocket. He wrote that he "made seven birdies in three rounds" and "broke 80 for the first time in a year." What was the breakthrough advice that caused him to excel? It was: stop caring about the outcome! Greg Flores, writer for Southland Golf, describes how all he had to do was not think. He would relax and let his golf instinct take over. Read about his success right here: Once upon a time, I … [Read more...]